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DroneSense Launches Video Link Feature to Enable Real-Time Sharing


December 22, 2021

DroneSense, which develops operational and management platforms for unmanned aircraft systems, has announced its new Magic Video Link feature, which provides easier sharing of critical, real-time information regarding drone operations.

The technology lets drone operators and managers provide information sharing to users who do not have DroneSense accounts. This can include everyone involved in emergency response situations, from first responders on-site to command center experts.

“DroneSense understands what first responders and safety agencies need in emergency and recovery situations because they are part of our planning and design process,” said Chris Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense. “The Magic Video Link is sophisticated technology, but more importantly, it’s a game-changer on the ground in practical terms. Being able to share precise real-time information not only within emergency response teams and public safety agencies, but also between them, can save lives.”

When enabled in the administrative settings of the DroneSense web app, the Magic Video Link generates a link or QR code to activate a mission in DroneSense OpsHub, allowing access to all video feeds within a mission without requiring a DroneSense account. Key stakeholders can directly access streamed video within the mission by navigating to that link directly, the company said.

The feature can also provide email and text notifications to mission participants when the drone and camera activate on-site, saving critical time in situations such as floods or fire response missions. The notifications allow responders still en route to an event to see what is happening in real time so they can better plan, prepare, and adjust.

“DroneSense has hit it out of the ballpark with Magic Video Link,” said Lt. Ricky Pena, special operations paramedic with the Washington County, Texas, Department of Emergency Medical Services. “The first time we used Magic Video Link was on a search for a young boy who was lost. Mission base was at a distance from the drone operations area. Sending them the Magic Video Link and giving them instant access to the live feed completely changed the operation. Having an ‘eye in the sky’ and easy access to the feed has changed the game.”

DroneSense said the Magic Video Link is the latest feature to further the company’s mission of empowering public safety organizations to make faster, better and safer decisions. The company also recently introduced the Mobile Streaming and Tracking feature to improve timely access to critical information and increase the safety and functionality of public safety operations. Mobile streaming can increase the amount of information users can access, extending to any device with a video output, including planes, helicopters, robots, and external cameras. The feature also lets users augment drone feeds with all participating mobile devices together on a map, providing the ability to combine aerial views while seeing what is occurring on the ground.

For more details on the DroneSense platform, visit its website here.

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