Flyability Elios3 400x275Switzerland’s Flyability has announced the Elios 3, a collision-tolerant drone equipped with a lidar sensor for indoor 3D mapping tasks. The drone is powered by a new SLAM engine called FlyAware that lets it create 3D models as it flies, and also includes a new version of Inspector 4.0, the company’s software for inspectors.


Petra400x275Petra, a robotics company that can create tunnels through hard geologies for utilities, has announced the completion of a 20-foot demonstration tunnel through the hardest rock on earth, as well as a Series A funding round of $30 million. Petra’s hard rock boring robot aims to transform the way all utilities are buried underground by tackling the hardest problem in underground construction – how to bore utility tunnels reliably and cost-effectively through nightmare geologies, the company said.


TeamExplorer400x275Team Explorer lived up to its name during the final round of DARPA's Subterranean Challenge. The team’s fleet of robots mapped nearly the entire course and explored more of the course than any other team. The team, made up of students, faculty and staff from Carnegie Mellon University and Oregon State University, placed fourth in the final round of DARPA's SubT Challenge, scoring 17 points.


RoboticanDrones400x275Robotican has announced it successfully delivered its first indoor unmanned aerial system (UAS) to the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for operational evaluation. The Isreal-based company, founded in 2013, specializes in autonomous robotics and drones for challenging operational needs.


C LinkFarmYard400x275C-Link Systems has announced two new unmanned ground vehicles, designed for industrial applications. The Bauernhof Panzer (Farm Yard Tank) is designed for work on horse farms or stables, while the OmniPanzer is an autonomous robotic vehicle with a chassis that can be equipped with several attachments or payloads.


Sarcos Snake400x275Sarcos Robotics has announced that Pine Environmental Services, a professional services company that provides equipment for environmental monitoring, nondestructive testing, visual inspection and continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS), will become an official distributor of the Guardian S remote visual inspection and surveillance robot.


RedZoneRobotics Manhole400x275RedZone Robotics, which provides wastewater asset management solutions and inspection automation, has launched Vertue, a multi-sensor inspection (MSI) tool for manhole inspections. The company is offering Vertue as a stand-alone product and service, or part of its Accelerated System Assessment Program (ASAP).


ExynDrone400x275Exyn Technologies, which develops autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied industrial environments, has announced it achieved the highest documented level of aerial autonomy. At Level 4A Autonomy, Exyn’s drones are capable of free-flight exploration of complex spaces, with the complete determination of flight path at 2+ meter/second flight speeds, and with higher data collection in larger volumes.


ExynSandvik400x275Exyn Technologies, which develops autonomous aerial robot systems for GPS-denied industrial environments, has announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. The partnership integrates Exyn’s data into Sandvik’s analytics and processing suite, OptiMine, to help with real-time visualizations of mining excursions.


Hyundai TIGER concept400x275Hyundai Motor Group has revealed its uncrewed ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV), which it has dubbed TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot). This is the company’s second UMV and the first designed to be uncrewed. The robot aims to carry various types of payloads while traveling over challenging terrain, either as a four-wheel drive vehicle or a four-legged walking machine.