Self-driving vehicles (automotive)

Denso VisionSensor400x275DENSO Corporation has announced it expanded the detection angle of its vision sensor, increasing the sensor’s ability to recognize pedestrians and bicycles around a vehicle to improve road safety. The vision sensor is used on some grades of the Subaru Legacy Outback, announced in April 2022 for the North American market, and the Subaru Crosstrek, announced in September 2022 for the Japanese market.


ScaniaTruck400x275Sweden-based Scania has announced a partnership with HAVI Supply Chain for a new trial project that sees an autonomous truck being used in the transport of commercial goods. The pilot program, carried out under regular traffic conditions, looks to learn about the effectiveness of autonomous truck transport as part of hub-to-hub operations.


Aeva NVIDIA Sim400x275Aeva, which develops next-generation sensing and perception systems, has announced that its Aeries 4D lidar sensors are now supported on NVIDIA’s DRIVE simulation platform. Aeva’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D lidar sensors detect 3D position, in addition to instant velocity for each point at distances up to 500 meters, bringing an added dimension to sensing and perception for safe autonomous driving.


Pexels SurveyNoSelfDrive400x275A new survey from insurance technology company Policygenius found widespread apprehension about self-driving cars, despite an increase in the use of the technology.


ArgoPlatform400x275Argo AI, which develops autonomous vehicle technologies, has announced a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to enable businesses of any size to use autonomous vehicles to enhance ridesharing or goods delivery operations. The Argo product ecosystem can be customized to fit a business’s needs, bringing together self-driving technology, vehicle and fleet management, and data and analytics software to help companies achieve scalable autonomous operations.


NuroUberPartner400x275Uber Technologies has announced a 10-year partnership with Nuro, which develops autonomous vehicles, to advance the use of autonomous food deliveries in the U.S. The partnership will kick off later this fall with deliveries in Houston, Texas, and Mountain View, California.


NavyaShuttleFranceNavya, which develops autonomous driving systems, has announced a sale of an EVO shuttle to Landkreis Kronach, a district in the German federal state of Bavaria. The new sale is the third shuttle to be ordered by the district, and comes as an addition to two ARMA shuttles, which were acquired as part of the Shuttle-Modellregion Oberfranken (SMO) project.


GatikPitneyBowes400x275Gatik, which develops autonomous middle-mile logistics solutions, has announced a multi-year commercial agreement with Pitney Bowes, a global shipping and mailing company. The agreement will have Gatik integrating its Class 6 autonomous box trucks into the Pitney Bowes e-commerce logistics network in the Dallas market beginning in Q1 2023.


Caterpillar798AC 400x275Caterpillar Inc., BHP Group Limited and Finning International have announced an agreement to replace BHP’s entire haul truck fleet at the Escondida mine, the world’s largest copper producer, located in the Antofagasta region of northern Chile.


SILC PointCloud400x275SiLC Technologies, which develops machine vision and silicon photonics, has announced that its Eyeonic Vision Sensor has demonstrated the ability to perceive, identify and avoid objects at a range of more than one kilometer. Earlier this year the company demonstrated a detection range of more than 500 meters at CES, and the company said it has now optimized its technology to go beyond 1,000 meters.


NexarMap400x275Israel-based Nexar, which develops AI computer vision, has announced the release of its Driver Behavioral Mapping data. The map gives insights for different road segments, driver types, weather, and road conditions. The company’s dashboard cameras capture a wide range of crowd-sourced driving data of actual human driving behavior, which is then aggregated and overlaid on a high-definition base map to be used for autonomous and assisted driving applications.


ValensLeopard A PHY400x275Leopard Imaging, which develops embedded vision systems, has announced a partnership with Valens Semiconductor, which provides high-speed connectivity systems for the automotive and audio-video markets. The partnership aims to design a camera module that will enable OEMs and Tier 1 providers to reduce the time to market for their A-PHY-based systems, a standard that can be used to support Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).


SanbornMap400x275The Sanborn Map Company has announced it successfully completed the collection of geospatial data for 4,250 line miles of highway throughout the western U.S., allowing the company to expand the reach of its Sanborn M-Map product line.


LSLidar 400x275Shenzhen, China-based LSLiDAR, which develops 3D sensing solutions, has announced the launch of its LS series 1550nm fiber laser automotive-grade lidar, designed to meet long-range and high-resolution sensing requirements for advanced driving and assistance (ADAS) Level 3+ applications.


GatikCummins400x275Gatik, which develops autonomous middle-mile logistics transportation solutions, has announced a collaboration with Cummins, Inc. The two companies will integrate Gatik’s autonomous driving system with Cummins’ advanced powertrain solution in Gatik’s fleet of medium-duty trucks. The Cummins powertrain solutions provide performance and fuel economy through the integration of hardware and software.


SabantoFunding400x275Sabanto, which develops technology to add autonomy to existing agricultural equipment, has announced raising $17 million in Series A funding. Funding will be used to increase its farming-as-a-service operations to more farms, on more crops, across more states.