November 9, 2021

BrainTennant DenverSchools400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence technology for robotics, has announced that its BrainOS-powered fleet of autonomous mobile robots have officially reached 100 billion square feet of coverage. The company said this has given back 6.8 million of hours back to employees and operations managers, allowing them to focus on other high-value tasks such as customer experience.

“We are thrilled to celebrate reaching 100 billion square feet of coverage with our fleet, which represents the square footage of the entire commercial space in the United States,” said Eugene Izhikevich, CEO and founder of Brain Corp. “The milestone represents a clear success of deploying autonomous robots at scale and across multiple industries. As a company committed to continuous improvement, it’s been incredibly gratifying to see such major advances in our fleet’s performance, even as it has been scaled and expanded to operate in multiple new dynamic public environments across the world.”


From Oct. 1, 2020 through Oct. 1, 2021, the company said usage of automated robotics increased across several industry sectors, showing dramatic year-over-year growth. Increases in square feet covered autonomy included the following sectors:

  • Retail, up 40%
  • Airports, up 69%
  • Malls, up 113%
  • Education, up 426%
  • Hospitals, up 2,500%

The company said the large increases in malls, educational facilities and hospitals reflect the ability of BrainOS-powered robots “to learn the key dynamics of new environments, a critical factor in the ongoing advancement of its technology.”

“As we’ve expanded our fleet size, our focus has always been on safely operating in a variety of different environments,” said Sean Felker, lead functional safety engineer. “Reaching 100 billion square feet of autonomous coverage is validation that this focus is paying off. We have always been committed to helping customers become more efficient in their operations, and it’s a testament to our skilled teams that this is being successfully achieved while prioritizing safety and privacy.”

For more details on Brain Corp and its BrainOS technology, visit its website here.