April 6, 2021

OTTO1500 load 400x275OTTO Motors, maker of autonomous mobile robots for material handling tasks, has announced launching the next generation of its heavy-class AMR. The new OTTO 1500 is designed to autonomously move pallet-scale loads up to 1,900 kg (4,189 lbs) in factories and warehouses. With a top speed of two meters per second, the OTTO 1500 can swiftly and safely deliver more payload than any other AMR in its class, the company said.

Originally deployed in 2015, the OTTO 1500 has been deployed in Fortune 500 factories around the world, and has amassed more than 1 million hours of mission-critical material handling experience, OTTO said. The always-on AMR is most commonly used to connect existing automated processes, such as connecting machining centers, welding cells, packaging cells, palletizers, or stretch wrappers.

“Maximizing productivity in material handling is really about moving more materials, faster,” said Jay Judkowitz, vice president of product at OTTO Motors. “The new OTTO 1500 has been designed to provide the highest throughput; all without compromising safety. We analyzed every detail affecting AMR productivity and challenged ourselves to do more. We developed a patent-pending adaptive safety fieldset that improves average vehicle speed. We’ve designed superchargers to minimize time spent charging. We even made maintenance faster with easy access panels. Every detail of the OTTO 1500 has been crafted to maximize productivity.”

OTTO said it has overhauled the control system of the OTTO 1500 to use only off-the-shelf industrial components, to maximize uptime. The company’s control software, with more than 3 million hours of driving experience, operates the OTTO 1500, along with its small and midsize counterparts, the OTTO 100 and OTTO 750. The company said it offers comprehensive fleet service plans to help ensure peak performance of the AMRs and a global network of certified partners for lifecycle fleet management.

“Innovative companies are taking the leap and building their factories of the future right now,” said Matt Rendall, CEO and co-founder of OTTO Motors. “OTTO fleets are helping make this possible as we install some of the world’s largest AMR fleets globally. Our new OTTO 1500 benefits from nearly a decade of continuous improvement, and harnesses the full potential of our autonomous control software. OTTO 1500 will accelerate the factory of the future even further.”

“At Mauser Packaging, we are continually innovating our processes and technology to improve our productivity,” said Wojciech Tymczak, a corporate automation engineer at Mauser Packaging. “OTTO has become a trusted partner in helping us automate our material handling, building great products as well as enabling us to maintain, service and upgrade our fleet as our needs evolve.”

Additional details on the OTTO 1500 are available at the company’s website, or you can download specifications on each of the company’s AMRs.