March 2, 2021

SeegridFleetGeek400x275Pittsburgh-based Seegrid, which develops autonomous mobile robots for material handling processes, has introduced Fleet Geek, a cloud-based analytics software platform that provides data-driven views of material flow. The software will provide Seegrid customers with insights into the Seegrid Palion AMR performance across their entire network of facilities.

The software tracks and illustrates material flow trends, and gives users ways to optimize workflows, increase utilization, quantify the value of automation, and scale automation initiatives across the enterprise, Seegrid said in a statement. The software announcement follows Seegrid’s other recent news, including the new Palion Lift and Palion Pallet Truck. The Fleet Geek software joins Supervisor, Seegrid’s fleet management software, to create the Seegrid Fleet Central enterprise software platform.

“Seegrid is not only a robotics company but also a data analytics company,” said Jim Rock, the CEO of Seegrid. “Data-driven businesses are best positioned to keep up with fluctuating demands. Fleet Geek provides our customers with intuitive data visualizations and on-demand reporting to make well-informed decisions about their unique workflows to scale their success. We’re committed to continuing providing solutions that help our customers maximize the value of automated material flow.”

The software includes features such as showing live project status views of each Seegrid Palion AMR across a company’s entire network of facilities, as well as dashboard views that help companies see the fleet across facilities, shifts, and business applications – meeting key performance indicators while delivering information to quantify the success of the automation investment.”

“Industry leaders across the supply chain are not asking ‘if’ or ‘when’ to automate material flow – but rather, how to ensure their automation investments are delivering maximum impact, and how to replicate that success across the enterprise,” said Jeff Christensen, the vice president of product at Seegrid. 

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