Mobile (AMRs)

Cincoze DI 1100 400x275Taiwan’s Cincoze, which develops rugged embedded computers, has announced the DI-1100 series within its DIAMOND product line. Equipped with Intel Core Whiskey Lake-U CPUs, the new computers provide high-performance and ultra-low power consumption (15W TDP). The company said the series is ideal for space-limited applications and those with limited power availability, including autonomous robots, in-vehicle usages, environmental monitoring and more.


Warehouse Korber JohnColumn1 400x275Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are quickly becoming a must-have technology for warehouses, especially those that perform e-commerce fulfillment operations. Research firm Interact Analysis predicts that by 2025, 2.1 million mobile robots will have been shipped worldwide. Many that assume this growth is being driven by the ever-present desire to reduce operational costs are often overlooking other drivers. While operational cost reduction is important and measurable, there are far more impactful issues driving the investments of AMR technologies today.


SeegridPalionLift400x275Seegrid, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling tasks, has announced new details about the technology that powers its Palion Lift AMR, the company’s first autonomous lift truck. Seegrid said Palion Lift includes the latest generation of Seegrid IQ, the company’s autonomy technology, and “is the only lift truck AMR in the market with industry-leading 3D perception.”


HAIPICK WINIT 400x275HAI Robotics, which develops autonomous case-handling robotics systems (ACR) for warehouse logistics operations, has announced the deployment of its first project in the U.K. with Chinese cross-border warehouse operator WINIT.


ABB Sevensense400x275ABB has announced a partnership with and investment in Sevensense Robotics, an ETH Zurich spinoff company developing artificial intelligence and 3D visual technologies. The strategic partnership will enhance ABB’s new autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with additional flexibility as they navigate autonomously in complex, dynamic indoor and outdoor environments close to people.


OhmniClean400x275OhmniLabs, which develops autonomous mobile robotics, has announced the launch of OhmniClean, a fully autonomous robot that disinfects areas using UV-C light. At just 58 pounds, the OhmniClean is designed for use in hospitals, schools, hotels and other environments that require deep cleaning in high-touch, hard-to-reach places.


InVia Gnarlywood 3PL 400x275The rise of e-commerce from consumers has also placed demand on retailers to fill orders faster. Here's why many are turning to third-party logistics providers, and why those companies are turning to robots and automation.


RAD ROAMEO 400x275Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) has announced that its subsidiary, Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has received an order from one of its dealers for the ROAMEO 2.0 security robot, with a commitment of up to 20 units from a prior letter of intent. The first units will be deployed with a major Hollywood studio, the company said.


AgileX BunkerPro400x275China-based AgileX Robotics recently launched the Bunker Pro, a tracked-type unmanned ground vehicle (AGV) that boasts high off-road mobility and IP67 protection. The robot platform is designed to expand robotics application for challenging terrain, including soft soil, steep grades, puddles, and box culverts, allowing roboticists to deploy applications such as inspections, exploration, ordnance disposal, video shooting, and unmanned transportation.


VeteransMuseum400x275Badger Technologies, which develops retail automation systems through autonomous robots, has announced a collaboration with TrackTik Software to automate manual security checks at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM) in Columbus, Ohio. A pilot program us using Badger’s PatrolBot autonomous robot and TrackTik software to augment the museum’s 24/7 security team, safeguard world-class exhibits and offer an extra measure of protection to museum visitors and staff.


BrainTennant DenverSchools400x275Brain Corp, which develops artificial intelligence technology for robotics, has announced that its BrainOS-powered fleet of autonomous mobile robots have officially reached 100 billion square feet of coverage. The company said this has given back 6.8 million of hours back to employees and operations managers, allowing them to focus on other high-value tasks such as customer experience.


IFR MIR 400x275The International Federation of Robotics has reported that the market of professional service robots worldwide has reached $6.7 billion, up 12% compared with 2020. At the same time, sales of new consumer service robots grew 16% to $4.4 billion. The figures are part of the IFR’s World Robotics 2021 report.


StarshipFleet400x275Starship Technologies, in conjunction with the U.K. MIlton Keynes Council, has announced the initial findings of an internal study to review the early impact of its zero-emission robots in the city over the last three and a half years.


OttonomyDelivery Mall 400x275Ottonomy has announced it is now enabling contactless food delivery with Los Angeles-based mobile ordering app, Crave, focusing on the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Ottonomy said it has been piloting both indoor and outdoor delivery in markets across the country in multiple industries and sectors, including airport and retail environments.


Magazino Zalando400x275German-based robotics firm Magazino recently announced it has extended the robot fleet for Europe’s leading fashion platform Zalando. The existing fleet of eight robots at Zalando’s logistics site in Lahr, Germany, will be expanded by an additional 20 robots, some of which will support the picking of shoes ordered online during Cyber Week 2021.


IronOx Grover400x275Iron Ox, which is developing farming innovations utilizing plant science, robotics, and artificial intelligence, has announced a mobile support robot named Grover. The mobile robot can lift more than 1,000 pounds and assists in the monitoring, watering, and harvesting of several crops, from leafy greens to strawberries.