April 29, 2022

By Thomas Atwood

MARTAC T38 400x275Fascinating new technology revealed at this week’s Xponential 2022 event in Orlando included a family of autonomous boats, such as a 38-foot version that can cruise at up to 80 knots and make tight, high-velocity turns in the water that generate more than 6Gs of force.

MARTAC CEO Bruce Hanson noted that its unmanned surface vessels (USVs) can be controlled from anywhere in the world through a choice of communications technology, whether it’s 4G, 5G, or other established standards. With their own stealth twist, MARTAC USVs can go into “gator mode” (decks awash), and lurk just beneath the surface to avoid detection.

The 38-foot “Devil Ray” USV, one of the larger vehicles in its family of watercraft, is currently deployed in waters near Bahrain. Hanson said MARTAC USVs have also been tested in swarms, and are “adaptable and scalable” for applications such as fleet protection.

Robotics-World will provide additional details on the MARTAC USVs in future posts.

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