Marine (AUVs and ASVs)

Clearbot400x275Ocean mobility startup Clearbot has announced it closed on a seed funding round, led by the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), with participation from CarbonX Global. Financial terms of the funding were not disclosed.


Seadronix NAVISS 400x275Seadronix Corp., a South Korean developer of artificial intelligence solutions for smart ship navigation and port operation, has announced it will launch a new service later this month at the SMM 2022 (Maritime and Technology Fair & Exhibition) in Hamburg, Germany.


Defender 400x275VideoRay LLC, which develops remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for underwater tasks, has announced that the U.S. Navy has placed a large and diverse order for its Defender ROVs. The Navy is standardizing on VideoRay Defender Mission Specialist systems due to its capabilities, flexibility and upgradability of several systems deployed since 2019, the company said. Customer support for the Navy includes training facilities and staff on the East Coast in Pottstown, Pa., and on the West Coast in San Diego.


CellulaRobotics400x275Canada-based Cellula Robotics has announced the successful completion of several demonstration missions of a hydrogen fuel-cell powered autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), the Solus-LR. The missions were performed in Vancouver’s Indian Arm inlet on July 15, 2022.


Blueprint ReachRobotics400x275Blueprint Lab Pty Ltd., based in Sydney, Australia, has announced it will change its corporate name to Reach Robotics to reflect the company’s mission and technologies. The company creates advanced robotic arm solutions for harsh environments, enabling inspection and intervention in maritime infrastructure management, military and police operations, among other tasks.


SeaSearcherGen2 400x275Seafarer Exploration Corp. has announced the construction of its second-generation SeaSearcher platform, which will focus on deeper water and multi-mode exploration. The upgraded design is more streamlined and rugged, designed to operate in both autonomous and towfish modes with in-field change out for high-current sites.


PolyPlusPLE400x275PolyPlus Battery Company, which is focused on developing next-generation batteries, has announced it installed a pilot manufacturing line to produce advanced Lithium Seawater Batteries (Li/SWBs) for subsea and deep ocean applications. The batteries have an energy density of 2,000 Wh/kg and greater than 1,500 WH/l, the company said.


MARTAC Demo400x275With an overarching theme of “Remote and Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence” (RAS-AI), Autonomous Warrior is the largest unmanned systems Operational Experimentation (OPEX) event conducted in Australia.  As reported by, Autonomous Warrior 22 (AW22) was a recent Australian Navy-led OPEX activity held 16-27 May in the vicinity of Jervis Bay and from several remote sites in Australia and overseas.


RE2 Starfish400x275RE2 LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corp., has announced it achieved a significant technical milestone with its Strong Tactile mARitime hand for Feeling, Inspecting, Sensing and Handling (STARFISH). The underwater end-of-arm tooling project is being funded through the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research to develop an advanced gripper with tactile feedback for mine countermeasures and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) for the Navy. The company said it has successfully assembled and lab-tested a complete STARFISH gripper that can grasp and hold a variety of different objects.


ImpossibleMining400x275Impossible Mining, which is developing responsible seabed mining and refining technology, has announced raising an additional $10.1 million in seed funding. The company said it will use the funding to develop and test its four-mile deep robotic collection technology, as well as its Bio-Extraction technology.


ABS SpaceX400x275ABS, which provides classification and technical advisory services to the marine and offshore industries, has announced a joint development project (JDP) with SpaceX. The project will review the remotely controlled functions of autonomous rocket recovery droneships used for booster rocket recovery at sea.


QYSEA AI VisionLock400x275QYSEA Technology has announced an AI-based vision platform that allows its FIFISH Underwater Robots to achieve precise underwater active visual locking capabilities. The new capabilities aim to improve tasks such as 4K filming, operational work, and deep-sea inspections for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).


RobotPlusPlus400x275China’s RobotPlusPlus, which develops “aerial work robots” (inspection robots for ships, storage tanks, etc.), has announced raising $15 million in a Series B funding round. This brings a total of $35 million in funding for the company, since its founding in 2017.


MARTAC T38 DevilRay400x275One of the more interesting technologies that we saw at this year’s Xponential 2022 in Orlando was the MARTAC T38, a 38-foot autonomous boat that can cruise the waters at up to 80 knots, and make tight, high-velocity turns in the water.


SeaWolfUUV400x275Canada-based Cellula Robotics has announced it is six months into a contract with Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) to help develop the next generation of its fuel cell powered, Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV). Funded by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and in collaboration with sovereign subcontractors, the project SeaWolf is set to debut the first 12-meter XLUUV hull in Q4 2022.


XponentialComposite400x275Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) brought its annual conference, XPONENTIAL, to Orlando, Apr. 25-28. The event invites industry innovators, technology experts and end users together to experience new technology that is solving real world problems, from safety and defense, to energy and infrastructure, business, construction, health, and the environment.