Marine (AUVs and ASVs)

MARTAC T38 DevilRay400x275One of the more interesting technologies that we saw at this year’s Xponential 2022 in Orlando was the MARTAC T38, a 38-foot autonomous boat that can cruise the waters at up to 80 knots, and make tight, high-velocity turns in the water.


SeaWolfUUV400x275Canada-based Cellula Robotics has announced it is six months into a contract with Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) to help develop the next generation of its fuel cell powered, Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV). Funded by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and in collaboration with sovereign subcontractors, the project SeaWolf is set to debut the first 12-meter XLUUV hull in Q4 2022.


XponentialComposite400x275Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI) brought its annual conference, XPONENTIAL, to Orlando, Apr. 25-28. The event invites industry innovators, technology experts and end users together to experience new technology that is solving real world problems, from safety and defense, to energy and infrastructure, business, construction, health, and the environment.  

MARTAC T38 400x275Fascinating new technology revealed at this week’s Xponential 2022 event in Orlando included a family of autonomous boats, such as a 38-foot version that can cruise at up to 80 knots and make tight, high-velocity turns in the water that generate more than 6Gs of force.


MarkSetBot400x275WeatherFlow-Tempest has announced a collaboration with MarkSetBot to integrate data from their fleet of robotic sailing buoys into the company’s SailFlow app, which is used by sailors around the world. The sustainable smart buoys, fixed with wind measurement instruments, will provide WeatherFlow-Tempest’s SailFlow app with even more real-time wind data to better inform users.


RE2 Sarcos400x275Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation has announced a definitive merger agreement with Pittsburgh-based RE2 Inc., which develops autonomous and teleoperated mobile robotic systems for use in the aviation, construction, defense and medical industries. The transaction is $100 million, consisting of $30 million in cash and $70 million of Sarcos common stock.


ECA Group iXblue 400x275ECA Group and iXblue have announced entering exclusive negotiations to bring the two French companies together. Carried out by Group Gorge, the operation aims to create a “European high-tech industrial champion” in the fields of maritime, inertial navigation, space and photonics.


SeaScout400x275ThayerMahan, which develops autonomous maritime systems, has announced a collaborative partnership with the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping / Joint Hydrographic Center (CCOM/JHC) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The partnership will help advance the sonar-based SeaScout system, for high-speed and high-resolution surveys of coastal and oceans.


DiveTech400x275Defense technology company Anduril Industries has acquired Boston-based Dive Technologies, which develops and manufactures subsea robotics. The acquisition was announced by Tanis Venture Management, Mill Town Capital, and Virginia Tech Carilion Innovation Fund & Seed Fund, which had invested in the company.


SaildroneFunding400x275Saildrone, which develops ocean data, mapping, and maritime intelligence solutions, has announced closing a $100 million Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to $190 million. The company said new funding will be used to grow its data insight teams and scale go-to-market functions to meet rapidly growing demand for ocean domain intelligence.


UAE MarineChallenge400x275A group from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is seeking registrations for its latest robotics challenge – the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) Maritime Grand Challenges will focus on finding real-time solutions for maritime safety and security. The challenge will be held in Abu Dhabi in June 2023, with more than $3 million in prize money being offered to teams.


TasGlobalHullRobot400x275South Korea’s Tas Global has announced the commercialization of a hull cleaning robot that can clean a ship’s surface above and under the water line. Attaching strongly and softly on a ship, the robot can clean while moving freely on curved surfaces. It includes various sensors and eight cameras facing all directions. While the robot weighs 200 kg, it can move smoothly by maintaining a positive buoyancy. An in-house developed portable filtration system, connected to the robot, can clean microorganisms and microparticles in three stages.


4ocean Be bot400x2754ocean has announced the arrival of the BeBot, an eco-friendly beach-cleaning robot that mechanically sifts sand to remove plastic waste and other debris without harming the local environment. The goal of the system is to restore coastlines while preserving the natural environment.


BuffaloAutomationFerry400x275Buffalo Automation, which develops artificial intelligence systems, has partnered up with Europe’s Future Mobility Network to launch Europe’s first fully autonomous robotaxi service in the Netherlands. The service provides autonomous commercial ferry service that can carry passengers in dense European traffic.


SaildroneSurveyor400x275Saildrone has announced that its uncrewed, autonomous Saildrone Surveyor was expected to arrive in Hawaii after a groundbreaking maiden voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu. While its autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) have performed ocean crossings before, the Surveyor is a new, larger class of vehicle optimized for deep-ocean mapping.


DeepTrekker400x275Canadian-based Deep Trekker has announced a new submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Pivot, which aims to strike a perfect balance between size and power for underwater robotics. Equipped with six strong thrusters powered by lithium ion batteries, the Pivot gives users stability, power, speed and control in a portable package.