June 8, 2021

SICK Vention400x275SICK has announced a partnership with Vention that will combine SICK’s PLB and PLOC2D systems with Vention’s manufacturing automation platform to accelerate the design and deployment of custom-built applications for robot guidance systems.

The team-up will allow customers to design, automate, and deploy SICK robot guidance systems with 2D and 3D vision solutions for use in automated bin-picking applications. SICK’s PLB and PLOC2D systems offer flexible robot integration features that can work with any robot brand. This integration is further enhanced through Vention’s platform, the companies said.

“This partnership will enable customers to design, automate, and deploy custom-built robot cells with increased speed and simplicity,” said Patrick Halde, chief business development officer at Vention. “SICK and Vention’s combined expertise, coupled with a shared dedication to customer service creates a compelling offering for a variety of customer needs, from novice to automation experts.”

The PLB 3D bin picking and PLOC2D vision systems are already available on the Vention platform, SICK said. The PLB robot guidance system provides part localization for bin picking and depalletizing applications, regardless of part shape or orientation. Several 3D cameras compatible with the PLB software provide high-quality images for part localization, collision avoidance, and overlap detection. The PLOC2D system provides easy setup and a browser-based interface to integrate robot functions for 2D pick-and-place applications.

Image-based systems help enlarge the field of vision for robots assisting with bin picking applications, SICK said. The robotic system localizes and identifies a defined object, and then decides how to best grip the part. The system eliminates the need for mechanical attachments, such as object guides, to accomplish bin-picking applications.

“Our partnership with Vention provides distinct advantages to our customers looking for modular robotic solutions,” said Kam Yuen, head of market product management – systems at SICK USA. “With Vention’s AI-enabled and cloud-based platform, our customers will be able to design, order, and assemble custom equipment to improve manufacturing processes.”

SICK said it intends to add more product offerings to Vention’s platform. Last month, OnRobot announced adding its grippers to the Vention platform.

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