March 25, 2021

Joyce400x275Immervision has announced a new partner for JOYCE, a humanoid robot that aims to unite the computer vision community. Hanson Robotics, creator of the humanoid robot Sophia, will work with JOYCE to “further evolve machine perception to help deliver human-like vision and beyond,” the companies said.

Hanson Robotics will use its expertise gleaned from Sophia to create a state-of-the-art humanoid body for JOYCE. The body will be equipped with a visual cortex based on Immervision’s panamorphEYE, which includes three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras. Sophia will be upgraded with the same visual cortex.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Immervision on the JOYCE project,” said David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics. “I believe that strong computer vision like Immervision’s products, combined with embodied cognition of a social robot like Sophia and her little sister JOYCE, will produce huge leaps forward in useful AI and robotics.”

“The technology created and implemented in Sophia really illustrates how advanced Hanson Robotics is,” said Pascale Nini, CEO of Immervision. “Collaborating with David Hanson’s talented team, we will integrate innovative third-party computer vision technologies into JOYCE and enable exciting new use cases.”

Sophia Joyce400Immervision said it is actively seeking additional members to join the JOYCE partnership. The company will produce a development kit for developers, universities, and technology companies, which will let them add sensors, software, and AI algorithms to enhance JOYCE’s perception and understanding of her environment to solve computer vision challenges.

 The company has outlined several use cases for JOYCE’s computer vision abilities (with or without the humanoid form), including:

  • Improving optics to ensure driver safety in assisted driving and autonomous cars
  • Helping to detect coronavirus with thermal cameras to scan large crowds and spot people with higher temperatures.
  • Improve a firefighter’s ability to detect people over trees and other objects, and see through smoke.
  • Improve medical diagnostics to better identify cancer tumors or other conditions while using a CT scan.
  • Enabling smart canes for those afflicted with blindness.
  • Help identify early signs of crop disease.
  • Enhance automated checkout for better customer experiences for retailers.
  • Increase security by identifying threats from live camera footage.
  • Help inspect manufactured products for defects or non-conformities.

More details about Immervision can be found here, and details on Hanson Robotics can be found here.

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