Eufy Debuts Hybrid RoboVac for Vacuuming, Mopping

Eufy RoboVacX80 400x275

September 8, 2021

Eufy, a smart home brand by Anker Innovations, has announced a new generation of robotic vacuum, the RoboVac X8 and X8 Hybrid. The hybrid model features mopping and vacuuming functions within the same unit.

Both models within the X8 series feature Eufy’s Twin Turbine Technology, which applies two turbines that generate 2*2,000 Pascals (pa) of suction power. Together with dynamic pressure suction, this means tricker-than-usual particles are swept up with ease, Eufy said. The company added that pet-hair cleaning capabilities have increased by almost 75% compared to its previous RoboVac models.

“These new home vacuums are packed with big technological innovations by Eufy that are focused on consumers’ needs that were previously unmet, which made cleaning the house a hassle,” said Rick Du, general manager of Eufy’s appliances division. “The Twin Turbine Technology in the RoboVac X8 Series makes it almost impossible for dirt, debris, or pet hair to be left behind.”

The robots also feature iPath Laser Navigation, which includes a lidar sensor for the robot to learn the layout of a customer’s home to build a real-time map, ensuring it covers the entire room. The X8 series also uses AI map technology that lets users see the X8’s real-time mapping report and use that data with zone commands to customize where the X8 should and shouldn’t clean. For example, users can tell the robot to stay away from toilets or other rooms around the house. The sensors also ensure that the X8 can navigate around stairs, find its way out of trouble spots, and make sure that valuables are not swept up during the cleaning process.

The X8 Series models are available for pre-order through Eufy’s website, in the U.S., Germany, and the U .K. In the U.S., the RoboVac X8 costs $599.99, and the X8 Hybrid costs $649.99. The company also announced a non-robotic vacuum, the HomeVac H30, an all-in-one stick vacuum that can clean tight spaces such as in a car or in between couch cushions.

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