January 25, 2022

Wandelbots Demo400x275Germany-based Wandelbots, a robotics software company that aims to make industrial robots more accessible, has announced it raised more than $84 million in a Series C funding round, led by Insight Partners.

The company’s software deploys a no-code approach to bring automation to the next level by enabling application experts to teach their robots independently, becoming robot experts without the need for coding skills. The teaching solution – Wandelbots Teaching – removes the barrier to programming robots with easy-to-use software interfaces, and a hardware-agnostic platform allows for the same interface for all supported robot types. The company said this approach empowers companies both large and small to work more easily with robots on the shop floor.

The Wandelbots platform is used by several robot manufacturers and systems integrators, including Universal Robots and Yaskawa, and customers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Fraunhofer, Schaeffler, Rotop and Vitesco. The company said it partners with system integrators across Europe, including Gibas, Alumotion, Heidenbluth and Sojka.

The new funding will be used to open its robotics software platform to automation solution providers and third-party developers to help create a compelling developer community. This will enable developers to build their own robotics application on top of a manufacturer-agnostic control plane, the company added. In addition, Wandelbots said it will use the funding to scale its teaching solution to more robots, applications, and regions worldwide, expanding its global footprint to accelerate hiring and build go-to-market organizations in the U.S. and Asia.

“I’m very proud to see Wandelbots’ mission become a reality,” said Christian Piechnick, CEO and co-founder of Wandelbots. “Our platform will help to accelerate human-centered robotics solutions in the industry. We look forward to working with Insight Partners and can’t wait to see what developers will create in the future based on our transformative technology.”

“One of the largest challenges we see in the adoption of robotics and increased automation, from a time, cost and talent perspective, is robot programming,” said Philine Huizing, principal at Insight Partners. “Wandelbots dramatically streamlines robot programming across OEMs and manufacturers using a platform approach. Their impressive manufacturing partnerships and strong technical team have made Wandelbots a standout in the industry. Wandelbots’ long-term vision is to be the universal control plane for the massively complex and fragmented ecosystem of robotics. We look forward to partnering with the Wandelbots team as they continue to grow and realize their vision of democratizing the robotics market.”

For more details on the company and its software platform, visit the Wandelbots website here.