November 23, 2021

NimbleFulfillment400x275Nimble Robotics, which develops robotics for e-commerce fulfillment purposes, has announced some details regarding its intelligent robots picking and packing hundreds of thousands of customer orders. The company said it is working with several well-known brands, including Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Puma, NFI/CalCartage, iHerb, Adore Me, Weee! and others. Nimble robots are also being integrated by solution integrators that include AutoStore, OPEX, Bastian, Swisslog, TGW and Kuecker Pulse Integration (KPI).

The San Francisco-based company announced deployments of fleets of robots in production at warehouse environments across the U.S., with existing and new contracts that will grow the fleet to more than 200 robots in 2022. The Nimble robots have picked more than 15 million objects, across 500,000 unique products that range from eye-liners, belts, body wash and loofahs to keyboards, mice, USB sticks and game consoles, to lingerie, hoodies and footwear.

Nimble said its systems are able to tackle two of the challenges that have slowed the adoption of pick-and-pack robots – robot reliability around the variability of products (size, shape, weight, textures, etc.) and difficulties with integrating into existing warehouse systems.

“Our robots use a variety of different grippers and supervised autonomy to reliably handle nearly any object or product that fits into a bin,” said Simon Kalouche, founder and CEO of Nimble. “Our AI learns what grippers work best on different objects, and automatically switches its gripper to properly pick, pack and handle each object. Our technology has been proven to be reliable to 99.9% accuracy in production, but what’s often the most impressive and exciting product feature, in the eyes of our customers, is the way in which we seamlessly integrate our robots. Our AI-based integration requires no changes to the warehouse software whatsoever.”

Nimble 400pxKalouche added that the system costs nothing to implement. “The AI interprets the already existing human operator interfaces to determine what items to pick and where to pack them,” Kalouche said. “A full production integration can all be done in one day using Nimble’s AI integration tool. When I say, ‘One day, $0, zero code changes,’ it sounds too good to be true, but our customers will vouch for us.”

“With logistics and fulfillment experience at Amazon, iHerb and other retail companies, I’ve worked with a lot of technology teams and the Nimble team is the most impressive robotics team I’ve ever worked with,” said Jonathan Styles, director of continuous improvement-lean at iHerb. “They are bringing to market bleeding-edge technology and solving extremely hard problems in a market that is struggling to find labor. We have over 20 Nimble robots today and plan to add more as we grow our fulfillment capabilities.”

“Nimble partnered with us last year during the COVID outbreak to help us safely fulfill orders in our warehouse,” said Gary Bravard, co-founder and chief business officer of Adore Me. “Together we became the first e-commerce fulfillment center in the world with fully robotic picking. The robots now handle our 25,000-plus SKUs and can pick over 30,000 units per day.”

Since raising $50 million in March, Nimble said it increased its team from 25 to 75 employees, and quickly expanded its customer base. “We haven’t done any marketing and surprisingly we don’t have any dedicated sales reps, yet we’ve deployed a large number of robots,” said Kalouche. “I think this is a testament to the high demand for what we’re building and to our product and how well it works. We let the robots speak for, and sell, themselves.”

For more details on Nimble Robotics and its technology, visit its website here.

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