November 7, 2021

TechmanRobot OMRON400x275OMRON has announced the signing of an agreement to invest capital in Taiwan’s Techman Robot, which manufactures collaborative robots that work with people at manufacturing sites. OMRON will hold a stake of approximately 10% in Techman, with the investment expected to be completed by December 2021.

The companies said there is a growing demand for collaborative robots that can safely work side by side with humans at manufacturing sites without safety barriers, as well as those that can flexibly handle multiple tasks. At the same time, in order to accelerate co-existence and coordination between humans and machines, safety and productivity must be assured.

In 2018, OMRON entered into a strategic alliance with Techman to meet increasing automation needs generated by labor shortages. Since then, the company’s TM series of collaborative robots have been sold as a co-branded product globally through OMRON’s distribution network. The two companies also jointly developed a mobile manipulator, a mobile work robot that combines OMRON’s mobile robot and the TM series to enable manufacturing sites where humans and machines collaborate. With the investment, OMRON said it aims to jointly develop innovative robot solutions “that combine OMRON factory automation equipment with Techman’s collaborative robots, ensuring both safety and productivity and offering a solution to the issue of labor shortages at manufacturing sites.”

“The environment surrounding the manufacturing industry is changing significantly,” said Junta Tsujinaga, company president of the Industrial Automation Business Company at OMRON. “Anticipating these changes, since 2016 OMRON has pursued advanced manufacturing with the unique value-generation concept ‘innovative-automation’ to resolve issues that manufacturing sites face.”

“Techman Robot has penetrated the global market and successfully become the world’s second-largest collaborative robot company since 2018,” said Shi-Chi Ho, chairman of Techman Robot. “We aim to close the gap for every business and create smart factory solutions for human-machine collaboration. We are delighted to deepen our longstanding relationship with OMRON through this collaboration, which is a significant opportunity for both companies, addressing the fast-growing gap in the market for the demanding need for smart manufacturing. We believe our partnership will open new innovative doors into the future.”

For more details about OMRON’s industrial automation solutions, visit its website here. For details on Techman Robot, visit its site here.