GelSightMini400x275GelSight, which develops tactile intelligence sensor technologies, has announced the release of its GelSight Mini, an artificial-intelligence powered 3D tactile sensor. The sensor offers “superhuman touch resolution” to the commercial market, with a compact design for human hands, and robust enough for use by robots and cobots, the company said. In addition, the GelSight Mini can take just five minutes to deliver shareable results out of the box.


MassageRobotics400x275Massage Robotics, which is developing a life-sized robot for massage therapy purposes, has announced a crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. The company is seeking to solve problems around massage therapy that includes affordability, pain, time management, a shortage of therapists, and body privacy.


IMTSRoundup400x275Last week in Chicago, thousands of people attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2022 (IMTS 2022), including companies that produce industrial robots, cobots, software and other robotics accessories. The presence of robots was not dominating like at other trade shows (such as Automate), but did represent a growing interest from attendees that were interested in supplementing their processes through the use of robots.


OnRobotIMTS MachineTend400x275OnRobot has announced it will preview its automated, application-centered D:PLOY software platform for robotic deployment at next week’s IMTS 2022 show in Chicago. The system can automatically discover and configure all the components in a robotic cell – including collaborative or light industrial robot arm and tools, as well as integrating external I/O from sensors and machines.


OnRobot Eyes Contrib400x275Companies of all sizes have enthusiastically adopted collaborative automation, enabling it to become the fastest growing segment of the global industrial robotics market. But could this paradigm changing new era of automation be slowed down by a shortage of human workers? Potentially. 


Universal UR20 400x275Universal Robots has announced its UR20, a collaborative robot (cobot) designed for machining tasks in the manufacturing space. The company plans to demonstrate the UR20 at the upcoming IMTS manufacturing show, Sept. 12-17 in Chicago.


DobotCRSeries400x275Dobot and its U.S.-based distributor DB Cobots, has announced the addition of its 3 kg and 10 kg cobots to the existing 5 kg version of the Safe Skin models, to enable more industries and companies to use collaborative robots (aka cobots) with the safest technology available.


GrayMatterFunding400x275GrayMatter Robotics, an artificial intelligence robotics company that creates smart automation solutions, has announced raising $20 million in Series A investment. The company’s smart robotic cells taim to help high-mix, high-variability manufacturing companies increase their productivity, enhance quality consistency and save costs while meeting global demand for manufactured products and improving the quality of life for shop-floor workers.


Vention FlexxBeacon400x275Vention's Flexx Beacon Sensors provide Bluetooth connectivity and proximity scanning between Universal Robots and a manufacturing work cell.


KassowTextileProject400x275Kassow Robots, which develops seven-axis collaborative robot (aka cobot) solutions for machine tending, material handling and other related applications, has announced that its KR1018 cobot is being deployed as part of a solution to automate the textile industry.


Kassow IC Partner400x275Kassow Robots, which develops seven-axis cobots for machine tending, material handling, and other applications, has announced a partnership with Michigan-based Industrial Control, a factory automation distribution specialist.


UR CobotsEarnings400x275Denmark-based Universal Robots, the leader in collaborative (“cobot”) robots, has announced Q2 revenue of $83 million, highlighted by strong growth in global welding demand as a key success driver in the first half of this year.


Datanomix Flexxbotics400x275Datanomix, which develops automated production intelligence software, has announced a partnership with Flexxbotics, which develops robotics process improvement technology. Together, the companies plan to extend the Datanomix automated production intelligence coverage to Universal Robot cells, in order to power lights-out and automated operations at precision manufacturers.


JAKARobotics400x275China’s JAKA Robotics has announced it successfully completed about $150 million in Series D funding in the first half of 2022. The new funds will further support the globalization of the company and the research and development of new generations of its collaborative robots (aka cobots) to have more flexibility and intelligence.


DoosanRoboticsFamily400x275Cross Company, a Greensboro, N.C.-based robotics and machine automation systems integrator, have announced a partnership with Doosan Robotics America to help bring collaborative robot (aka ‘cobots’) to the Southeastern United States. 



ComauSeabery400x275Industrial automation provider Comau has announced a partnership with Seabery, which develops augmented reality software for industrial and educational usage. The two companies have unveiled a robotic welding training system that combines Seabery’s AR Soldamatic simulated welding training with Comau’s e.DO educational robot.