Universal20KG robot 400x275Universal Robots, the Denmark-based manufacturer of collaborative robots (aka cobots), has announced a new 20kg payload cobot to its lineup of robots. The UR20 boasts an all-new design based on the company’s experience in refined engineering, featuring an entirely new joint design to allow for faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads.


AutomateTrends FANUC 400x275One of the great things about attending trade shows and conferences in person is being able to see “the big picture” and larger trends within a market based on conversations with several companies and attendees, rather than individual news announcements or meetings. Such was the case for us at this week’s Automate 2022 event in Detroit, where robot manufacturers, component makers and systems integrators gathered to meet with customers and potential customers looking to automate their organizations.


DOBOT Automate400x275DOBOT, which manufacturers intelligent collaborative robots, has announced the launch of the CR3L Collaborative Robot, an ultra-long cobot with a reach of 1700 mm, 11.5% longer than the previous CR10 model, which had a maximum reach of 1525 mm. The robotic body of the CR3L enables the robot to perform in small spaces, for applications that include loading and unloading, sorting, and wide-range inspection of small parts in consumer electronics and semiconductor industries.


RobotiqMachineTending400x275Responding to continuing labor shortages and supply chain challenges for manufacturers, Robotiq has announced a new Machine Tending Application Solution to make cobot automation more accessible. The company said the solution can lower implementation costs by up to 50%, and take less than two hours to go from unboxing to machining the first part – no coding experience needed.


DoosanRoboticsFamily400x275South Korea’s Doosan Robotics has announced a new business unit to establish a U.S.-based presence for its service and cobot equipment. Doosan Robotics America, which will be based in Plano, Texas. Alex Lee, North America general manager, will oversee the U.S. business.


RapidRobotics400x275Rapid Robotics has announced updates to its Rapid Machine Operator (RMO), an industrial robot that can get up and running in a matter of hours, but also “is the first manufacturing robot that can move between jobs in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.” Through the company's new Smart Setup capability, the RMO can move onto a new job in as little as 60 seconds via built-in computer vision, with no programming or robotics expertise needed.


AutomatePR 400x275Starting on Monday, June 6, thousands of attendees are expected to visit the Automate 2022 show, which runs through June 9 in Detroit. Along with the attendees, hundreds of exhibitors will show off the latest in robotics, automation, components, vision systems and more to highlight the current and future state of automation.


OnRobotPalletizer400x275Denmark-based OnRobot has launched the OnRobot Palletizer solution, a collaborative application package designed to reduce the physical and financial pain from palletizing processes. The system can handle many different sizes of boxes, patterns, pallets and stacking heights, and is compatible with collaborative and light industrial robots from brands such as Doosan, FANUC, OMRON, Techman and Universal Robots.


FlexivRDK400x275Flexiv, which develops intelligent general-purpose robots, has announced the release of its Robotic Development Kit (RDK), which provides users with a toolkit to enhance how their robot works, as well as let them create customized applications easier.


SouthieFunding400x275Boston-based Southie Autonomy, which develops intelligent robotic automation software, has announced raising $2.5 million in seed funding. The company also announced an additional $5 million in venture lease funding to support Southie’s robot-as-a-service business model.


UniversalQ1Revenues400x275Denmark-based Universal Robots has reported record Q1 revenue of $85 million, up 30% from its Q1 2021 revenue.


UR Mujin400x275Universal Robots announced several demonstrations and events it plans to showcase at next week’s MODEX 2022 event in Atlanta, including how collaborative robots (aka cobots) can help warehouses with piece-picking and mixed-case palletizing tasks for operations that are continuing to struggle with labor shortages.


KinovaLink6 400x275Montreal-based Kinova Robotics has announced the Link 6, a new generation industrial robot created from start to finish in North America, and designed for businesses looking to benefit from automation.


KassowKR1018 400x275Denmark’s Kassow Robots has announced a new 7-axis robot and cobot solution for machine tending, material handling and related applications. The KR1018 is available in North America, with capabilities strong enough to perform machine tending with heavy metal and plastic parts, and to carry out pick-and-place tasks at high payloads, the company said.


DOBOT M1Pro400x275China’s DOBOT has announced the new M1 Pro, its second-generation SCARA collaborative robot, or cobot. It showed the cobot at this week’s International Robot Exhibition 2022 (iREX 2022) event in Japan.


FANUC CRX cobots400x275FANUC has announced three new models to its CRX line of collaborative robots (cobots), designed to handle different lengths and capacities for small and large manufacturers looking to address labor issues. The CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX-25iA join the existing CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L models within the line.