September 15, 2021

SoftAI 400x275Soft Robotics has announced the launch of its SoftAI Solutions, which incorporates proprietary 3D vision, artificial intelligence software, and its soft grasping tools to address problems in the food industry – mainly the inability to meaningfully automate operations.

The SoftAI system augments traditional industrial robots with true hand-eye coordination, which unlocks abilities in many labor-dependent processes. The company said this innovation will finally drive broad scale adoption of automation, resulting in a more resilient food supply chain that produces safer products at higher volumes with reduced waste and lower operational costs.

“The food industry is critically dependent on labor to meet its production goals,” said Mark Chiappetta, COO at Soft Robotics. “But challenges with workforce availability and productivity, tightening food safety regulations, and global health crises have illuminated the need to break this dependency. SoftAI-powered robotic automation is the solution.”

“Robots have been widely adopted across an array of industries resulting in safer worker environments, consistently higher quality products and improved economics for operators,” said Jeff Beck, CEO of Soft Robotics. “However, robotics adoption in food production operations has been very limited due to technological and sanitation challenges. SoftAI was specifically developed by a team of highly accomplished robotics engineers to solve those challenges. It’s ready now to make a real positive difference in the quest to automate food production. We look forward to engaging with food producers and our systems integration partners in this new frontier for robotics.”

For more details on the company, visit the Soft Robotics website here.

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