May 10, 2022

KiraInOrbit400x275InOrbit, which develops cloud-based robot operations software, has announced an integration with Alfred Kärcher SE & Co., which develops cleaning technology systems. The integration will add real-time observability, optimization and advanced operations functions to Kärcher’s autonomous equipment.

With operations in 78 countries, Germany’s Kärcher is one of the worldwide leaders in industrial cleaning equipment. With its line of Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications (KIRA), the company said it “has once again redefined value for end users.” The two companies worked closely together to support the KIRA B 50 autonomous floor scrubber, creating a joint solution for the efficient monitoring of robot health, advanced incident management, and the optimization of mission success.

InOrbit said it also announced the Advanced incidents feature, which leverages multi-parameter programmatic rules to enable the management of common autonomy exceptions and mission execution services. The new feature extends support for the company’s Configuration as Code initiative, which ensures that any issues that may result in degraded performance or service interruption can be identified, logged, and in many cases resolved through remote interventions to get robots back on track.

“Kärcher has created one of the smartest cleaning robots in the world,” said Florian Pestoni, the co-founder and CEO of InOrbit. “InOrbit extends this intelligence to the cloud, augmenting what the robots can do on their own and enabling a complete view of robot operations at scale.”

“Kärcher is meeting the industry need to automate in order to keep up with the demand for verifiably clean spaces,” added Marco Cardinale, vice president of floor care solutions and robotics at Kärcher. “The development of smart autonomous mobile robots like KIRA B 50 exemplifies our dedication to tackling these jobs. InOribt is recognized as the leader in RobOps, and through this collaboration we can jointly offer the most advanced and efficient solution to our customers.”

Both companies said it will host a webinar on June 1, 2022, to discuss the future of autonomous cleaning. Free registration for the webinar is available here.