LevatasSpotAnomaly400x275Levatas, which develops artificial intelligence software that enables drones, robots, remote sensors and fixed cameras to execute operational tasks at industrial sites, has announced it raised $5.5 million in a seed funding round.


FlexivRDK400x275Flexiv, which develops intelligent general-purpose robots, has announced the release of its Robotic Development Kit (RDK), which provides users with a toolkit to enhance how their robot works, as well as let them create customized applications easier.


AMP SecondarySort400x275AMP Robotics, which develops artificial intelligence, robotics and infrastructure for the waste and recycling industry, has opened two new high-diversion production facilities for advanced secondary sortation. The company-owned facilities, located outside of Atlanta and Cleveland, are designed to economically process and aggregate low volumes of difficult-to-recycle mixed plastics, paper, and metals sourced from residue supplied by primary materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and other material providers.


VentionFunding400x275Montreal-based Vention, which develops a digital manufacturing automation platform (MAP), has announced raising $95 million in Series C financing. The company said it will use the new funds to grow its go-to-market, expand its global distribution footprint, and accelerate the development of its hardware and software platform.


KiraInOrbit400x275InOrbit, which develops cloud-based robot operations software, has announced an integration with Alfred Kärcher SE & Co., which develops cleaning technology systems. The integration will add real-time observability, optimization and advanced operations functions to Kärcher’s autonomous equipment.


CogniteamFunding400x275Israel-based Cogniteam has announced raising $5.6 million in a Series A funding round, to help expand its Nimbus robotics AI operating platform for robotics developers. The funding was provided by previous investors Seabarn Management (Andrew Owens), and the U.K.-based Pantera family office members.


SouthieFunding400x275Boston-based Southie Autonomy, which develops intelligent robotic automation software, has announced raising $2.5 million in seed funding. The company also announced an additional $5 million in venture lease funding to support Southie’s robot-as-a-service business model.


Visevi ViseJoint400x275Visevi Robotics, a Germany-based startup that focuses on computer vision for sensing and grasping on smart robots, has announced new vision-based encoders that can perform generic angular measurement applications without any sensors on the joint. The ViseJoint offering allows for the measurement of one or more multiple joints to be performed remotely, using a computer vision software and a camera that looks onto the joints from a distance.


Intel RACER Sim 400x275The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has awarded Intel Federal LLC, with support from Intel Labs and other collaborators, the opportunity to develop advanced simulation solutions for off-road autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs). The program, titled the Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environment with Resiliency – Simulation (RACER-Sim), aims to create the next generation of off-road simulation platforms to help developers significantly reduce the cost of development, and bridge the gap between simulation and the real world.


CyngynKit400x275Cyngn, which develops autonomous driving software solutions for industrial and commercial enterprises, has announced the official launch of DriveMod Kit, a turnkey autonomous vehicle (AV) solution. The initial manufacturing run of DriveMod Kit began coming off the assembly line earlier this month.


pexels human robot interaction400x275The Israel Innovation Authority has announced it allocated $20 million towards building a consortium of Israeli robotics companies to develop next-generation human-robot interaction (HRI) capabilities. Utilizing the Nimbus cloud robotics platform for managing and deploying new capabilities, the consortium will include private and academic organizations.


ABB high speed alignment400x275ABB Robotics has announced a new software solution to transform speed and accuracy in electronics assembly. The High Speed Alignment software includes 50 years of software expertise, and is the first to offer manufacturers the ability to increase the speed of six-axis robots by 70%, and accuracy by 50%, ABB said.


CognataSimulation400x275Cognata has announced the integration of its simulation authoring software into Israel Defense Force’s technology to help further accelerate algorithm safety and readiness. The simulation and testing platform is designed for autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to help with vehicle perception training and challenges presented by unfamiliar terrain environments.


FlexivSoftware400x275Flexiv, a general-purpose robotics company that develops and manufactures adaptive robots through industrial-grade force control, computer vision, and AI, has announced its Flexiv Elements software, an all-new operating system for robots. The software is designed to provide integrators with new features that simplify complex robotic operations for customized programs to enhance efficiency and productivity.


VirtaMedSim400x275VirtaMed, which develops medical simulation training, has teamed up with medical device company Memic Innovative Surgery to develop a new virtual reality simulator program to support surgeon skills training for the Hominis Surgical System. 


Micropsi MIRAI 400x275Germany-based Micropsi Industries has announced raising $30 million in a Series B funding round. The company develops ready-to-use artificial intelligence systems that can control industrial robots to help automate manufacturing processes that could previously not be automated.