6RiverChuck400x2756 River Systems, a division of Shopify, has announced new features to its wall-to-wall fulfillment system designed for warehouse operators. Integrated into the company’s software-as-a-service-based Fulfillment Execution System and autonomous mobile robots, the new features aim to provide tools and insights needed to maximize operations as fulfillment speed becomes a competitive differentiator for warehouse operators and the merchants they serve.


Aeva NVIDIA Sim400x275Aeva, which develops next-generation sensing and perception systems, has announced that its Aeries 4D lidar sensors are now supported on NVIDIA’s DRIVE simulation platform. Aeva’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D lidar sensors detect 3D position, in addition to instant velocity for each point at distances up to 500 meters, bringing an added dimension to sensing and perception for safe autonomous driving.


ArgoPlatform400x275Argo AI, which develops autonomous vehicle technologies, has announced a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to enable businesses of any size to use autonomous vehicles to enhance ridesharing or goods delivery operations. The Argo product ecosystem can be customized to fit a business’s needs, bringing together self-driving technology, vehicle and fleet management, and data and analytics software to help companies achieve scalable autonomous operations.


RealtimeFunding400x275Realtime Robotics, which develops collision-free autonomous motion planning software for industrial robots, has announced it raised an additional $14.4 million in funding, led by Soundproof Ventures, Heroic Ventures and SIP Global Partners.


OnRobotIMTS MachineTend400x275OnRobot has announced it will preview its automated, application-centered D:PLOY software platform for robotic deployment at next week’s IMTS 2022 show in Chicago. The system can automatically discover and configure all the components in a robotic cell – including collaborative or light industrial robot arm and tools, as well as integrating external I/O from sensors and machines.


KnightscopeCriminalDetect400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security technologies, has announced its Automatic Criminal Detection Capability (ACDC) feature, a real-time and extensive criminal data intelligence solution. The feature is now available to new and existing clients that subscribe to the company’s K1 Tower and future K1 Hemisphere system, which is set to be released in Q4 2022.


Seadronix NAVISS 400x275Seadronix Corp., a South Korean developer of artificial intelligence solutions for smart ship navigation and port operation, has announced it will launch a new service later this month at the SMM 2022 (Maritime and Technology Fair & Exhibition) in Hamburg, Germany.


NexarMap400x275Israel-based Nexar, which develops AI computer vision, has announced the release of its Driver Behavioral Mapping data. The map gives insights for different road segments, driver types, weather, and road conditions. The company’s dashboard cameras capture a wide range of crowd-sourced driving data of actual human driving behavior, which is then aggregated and overlaid on a high-definition base map to be used for autonomous and assisted driving applications.


SanbornMap400x275The Sanborn Map Company has announced it successfully completed the collection of geospatial data for 4,250 line miles of highway throughout the western U.S., allowing the company to expand the reach of its Sanborn M-Map product line.


RenishawReporter400x275Renishaw's Reporter is a process monitoring application that can be used with several machine tools and controllers to visualize machine, process and component data in real time.


LidarMapping400x275Nextech AR Solutions, which provides augmented reality (AR) and 3D model services, has announced that its ARway no-code spatial computing platform for the real-world metaverse is now adopting lidar technology to create hyper-accurate meshes for its software. The move to lidar enhances the ability of ARway to create high-quality meshes and spatial mapping solutions, the company said.


DematicDexterity400x275Dematic has announced a strategic partnership with Dexterity, which provides warehouse robotics, to offer full-task robotics as part of Dematic’s intelligent automation solutions. The relationship will see Dematic selling and deploying Dexterity robotics globally and facilitate Dexterity’s entry into the European market.


PikNikRobotics400x275PickNik Robotics, which develops robotics software and engineering services, has announced commercial availability of its MoveIt Studio Developer Platform and the MoveIt Studio SDK (software development kit). Both products aim to help robotics and software engineers create, debug, and ship complex manipulation projects faster.


Ghost HUVR 400x275HUVRdata and Ghost Robotics have announced that it recently conducted six live sessions to demonstrate how combining quadruped robot inspection with inspection data management software (IMDS) can deliver operational excellence and greater safety for enterprises. The demonstrations took place at Quasset’s Test Facility in Houston, Texas.


StradVision AR 400x275South Korea-based StradVision, which develops artificial intelligence-based perception processing for autonomous vehicles (AVs), has announced raising $88 million in a Series C funding round. WIth the latest funding, the company said it has now raised $129 million in total.


MatrixSpaceFunding400x275Burlington, Mass.-based MatrixSpace, which is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence-enabled sensing solutions, has announced raising $10.1 million in private investor funding, with secured enterprise and government customers in place.