Motors and Servos

MaxonDroneMotor400x275The new EC 69 flat drone motor is a brushless motor optimized for unmanned aerial vehicles and drone applications.


OMNIedge 400x275THK CO., LTD. has expanded its “OMNIedge” IoT service for the manufacturing industry to include predictive failure detection for rotary components. Used in utility equipment and production machinery critical to manufacturing lines, upkeep and management of rotary components typically requires frequent maintenance. 


Siemens sinamics g115d 400x275Siemens has announced a new compact and powerful drive system specifically designed for horizontal conveyor applications. The new Sinamics G115D comprises the motor, drive and gearbox in one unit, and is offered in both wall-mounted and motor-mounted versions.


ElecElectroCraft APES23 400x275troCraft’s APES23 is a 56mm/NEMA 23 frame, hybrid stepper-based linear actuator. New NEMA17 and NEMA23 frames are available for greatly enhanced performance capabilities.


EPC9167 400x275EPC (Efficient Power Conversion) has announced the availability of the EPC9167, a three-phase BLDC motor drive inverter that uses the EPC2065 eGaN FET. The design aims to provide premium motor drive performance at a low cost for drones, robots and e-bikes.


Orbex PancakeGimbal 400x275Orbex Group, which produces high-performance slip rings and electric motors for OEM applications including industrial automation, has announced a line of ultra-compact, high-performance gimbal motors. Featuring a pancake-style form factor, the motors are wound to operate at low speeds typical for gimbals, while exhibiting a high torque constant for fast response when needed.


OrientalMotorBLVSeriesR 400x275The new BLV Series R type of motors were specifically designed for battery-powered input type applications, such as automated guided vehicles, autonomous mobile robots and conveyors suited for brushless performance.


CeleraMotion Multiturn400x275Celera Motion has announced the latest addition to its IncOder and Ultra IncOder series – the Multiturn IncOder inductive angle encoder. The new encoders offer precise angle measurements for applications that include robot joints, cranes and antenna masts.


SDP SI 042 400x275Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI), which provides mechanical and electromechanical design, engineering, and precision manufacturing for motion and power transmission applications, has announced launching a series of frameless motors as a drop-in solution for robotics applications.


TI BLDCdrivers 400x275Texas Instruments (TI) has announced its first 70-watt brushless DC (BLDC) motor drivers that provide code-free, sensorless trapezoidal and field-oriented control (FOC). The devices enable engineers to spin a BLDC motor in less than 10 minutes – eliminating months of design time for engineers designing industrial systems such as major and small home appliances (including robotic vacuums), and medical applications such as ventilators and CPAP machines.


JVL ServoStep400x275JVL A/S, a leader in producing integrated servo and stepper motors, has announced a new addition to its ServoStep motors – a directly mountable motor for driving spindles. The company said the new motor is aimed at replacing hand wheels in format change applications. The new motor is available through Electromate, which offers robotic and mechatronic solutions.


AMC Image FM060 5 RMAdvanced Motion Controls, which develops servo drives and other motion technologies, recently announced launching nine new models within its FlexPro servo drive family. The new models introduce RS485 and RS232 communications to the drive, making it the fourth network offered in addition to EtherCAT, CANopen, and Ethernet/IP.


Toshiba TXZ 400x275Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp. has announced the start of mass production of 12 new devices in the M4K Group for motor control, the first products in the TXZ+ family advanced class. The company said it will start mass production of another 10 products in the M4M group in August 2021. Both groups of microcontrollers will be manufactured in a 40nm process, and belong to the TXZ4A+ series, Toshiba said.


Curtiss Wright GTX060 400x275Curtiss-Wright’s Actuation Division has announced the release of its newest integrated motor / actuator, the Exlar GTX060. The GTX060 is the third frame size in the GTX integrated motor / actuator series of industrial electromechanical actuators.


MarsHelicopterCloseup400x275Two companies that provided key components for the Mars Ingenuity helicopter, which this week conducted its first historic flight on Mars, have congratulated the NASA team for its success. Both maxon precision motors, which provided motors for the helicopter, and SolAero Technologies, provider of solar panels, offered statements of support for the NASA team.


Umbratek400x275China’s Umbratek, a new robotic startup, has released its first robotic arm series, called the UTRA, on Kickstarter. The company is offering five different robot arm models to choose from, with a modular design aimed to be powerful and affordable. The UTRA series is available for as low as $2,999 via a Super Early Bird Special on Kickstarter.