September 9, 2022

By Tom Atwood

SchunckGripper400x275What is it? The newly optimized JGP-P 2-finger parallel gripper (photo is rotated)  is used to load and unload machine tools in pick & place tasks and in assembly work, offering a standard solution in many related applications. 

The gripper is also suited for work in both clean and slightly dirty surroundings in the assembly and handling, and automotive industries, among others. It offers up to 50% higher gripping force and 30% longer gripper fingers than its predecessor, Schunk said. The increased surface area of the drive piston enables it to handle a higher workpiece weight than its predecessor. Ten compatible sensor systems offer a wide range of monitoring options. 

Key features:

  • Base jaws are fully guided in the housing in any gripping state
  • Robust T-slot guidance with longer base jaw guidance
  • Up to 50% higher gripping force than with the predecessor due to the increased surface area of the drive piston
  • Air purge connection is positioned in the middle for even distribution of the air purge in the inside of the gripper
  • Resistant T-slot guidance for precise handling of different workpieces
  • Comprehensive sensor accessories for a variety of monitoring possibilities, including stroke position
  • Sturdy T-slot guidance
  • Wedge-hook design
  • Mounting from two sides in three screw directions
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections

For further details on the JGP-P 2-finger Parallel Gripper, visit the Schunk website here.

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