May 27, 2021

OnRobotVention400x275Vention, which develops manufacturing automation platforms (MAP), has announced a partnership with end-of-arm tools-maker OnRobot to help accelerate the design and deployment of end-to-end cobot applications. As part of the partnership, Vention will offer OnRobot’s library of tools and end-effectors directly on its digital platform where users design their collaborative automation cells.

Vention’s MAP gives users engineering software and modular hardware to let them design, automate, order, and deploy factory equipment in a single digital environment. WIth thousands of modular parts, design tools, and real-time pricing, factory equipment can be designed in minutes from anywhere, on any web browser, Vention said. By adding OnRobot’s plug-and-play tools for collaborative and light industrial robots, manufacturing professionals can scale their production more efficiently, the company added.

The combination of offerings can help automate tasks such as machine tending, material handling, material removal, and assembly. A variety of grippers (parallel, flexible, magnetic, and vacuum), as well as vision cameras, sanding tools, screwdriving tools, and more expand the digital platform, Vention said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with OnRobot to offer a range of industry-leading cobot solutions,” said Patrick Tawagi, director of application development at Vention. “OnRobot’s suite of grippers and end-of-arm tools covers almost every application in the cobot market, and their straightforward interface combined with Vention’s platform makes them incredibly easy to deploy.”

“OnRobot’s exciting partnership with Vention will make it easier than ever for companies of all sizes and skill levels to deploy collaborative automation,” said Kristian Hulgard, general manager of the America’s division at OnRobot. “The combination of Vention’s superb MAP platform and OnRobot’s ever-expanding, award-winning range of no-fuss tools for collaborative applications will empower users to design and deploy advanced automation with unprecedented ease.”

For more details on Vention’s offerings, visit their website. For more details on OnRobot’s end-of-tools offerings, visit the OnRobot website here.

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