September 7, 2021

Toshiba TXZ 400x275Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage has started the mass production of 20 new devices in the M4G group, for high-speed data processing as new products of the TXZ+ family advanced class manufactured in a 40nm process. The products use Arm Cortex-M4 core with FPU, running up to 200 MHz, integrating a maximum of 2MB code flash and 32KB data flash memory with 100K write cycle endurance, and featuring various interfaces and communication options. The M4G group devices are aimed at office equipment, building, and factory automation applications.

Microcontrollers in the M4G group have enhanced communication functions integrated as a serial memory interface that also supports Quad/Octal SPI, audio interface (I2S), external bus interface in addition to UART, FUART, TSP and I2C, Toshiba said. In addition, the devices have a built-in three-unit DMAC and a bus matrix structure, in order to improve communication throughput compared to Toshiba’s conventional product.

The devices support several sensing use cases with a high-speed, high-precision 12-bit analog/digital converter that allows individual sample hold times to be set for each AD input channel with up to 24 channels.

Self-diagnostic functions incorporated in the devices for ROM, RAM, ADC and Clock help customers achieve IEC60730 Class B functional safety certification, Toshiba said. The new devices offer low current consumption and high functionality while maintaining compatibility with devices from the existing TXZ family M4G(1) group.

Documentation, sample software with an example of actual usage, and driver software that control interfaces for each peripheral are available for download at Toshiba’s website. Evaluation boards and development environments are provided through Arm global ecosystem partners, the company said.

In July, the company began mass production of the M4K Group within the TXZ+ family, and 10 products within the M4M group were expected to launch in August.