September 7, 2022

IDS uEyeWarp10 400x275IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, which manufactures industrial cameras and image processing technology, has announced it will display an array of new camera technologies at the VISION event in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is scheduled for Oct. 4-6, covering the latest in machine vision technologies.

In addition to showing the expanded machine learning methods that include anomaly detection, the company will unveil the next stage of development for its new uEye Warp10 cameras, which combine a 10GigE interface and TFL mount, and large-format sensors with up to 45-megapixel resolution. The company also will include prototypes of the smallest IDS board-level camera and a new 3D camera model in the Ensenso product line.

IDS said it plans to showcase the following products, among others:

  • IDS NXT is a holistic system with a variety of workflows and tools for realizing custom AI vision applications. The intelligent IDS NXT cameras can process tasks "on deviceā€ and deliver image processing results themselves. They can also trigger subsequent processes directly. The range of tasks is determined by apps that run on the cameras. Their functionality can therefore be changed at any time. This is supported by a cloud-based AI Vision Studio, with which users can not only train neural networks, but now also create vision apps. The system offers both beginners and professionals enormous scope for designing AI vision apps. At VISION, the company shows how artificial intelligence is redefining the performance spectrum of industrial cameras and gives an outlook on further developments in the hardware and software sector.
  • uEye Warp10: With 10 times the transmission bandwidth of 1GigE cameras and about twice the speed of cameras with USB 3.0 interfaces, the recently launched uEye Warp10 camera family with 10GigE interface is the fastest in the IDS range. At VISION, the company is demonstrating that these models will not only set standards in terms of speed, but also resolution. Thanks to the TFL mount, it becomes possible to integrate much higher resolution sensors than before. This means that even detailed inspections with high clock rates and large amounts of data will be feasible over long cable distances. The industrial lens mount allows the cameras to fully utilize the potential of large format (larger than 1.1") and high resolution sensors (up to 45 MP).
  • uEye XLS: IDS is presenting prototypes of an additional member of its low-cost portfolio at the fair. The name uEye XLS indicates that it is a small variant of the uEye XLE series. The models will be the smallest IDS board-level cameras in the range. They are aimed at users who, e.g. for embedded applications, require particularly low-cost, extremely compact cameras with and without lens holders in large quantities. They can look forward to Vision Standard-compliant project cameras with various global shutter sensors and trigger options.
  • Ensenso C: 3D camera technology is an indispensable component in many automation projects. Ensenso C is a new variant in the Ensenso 3D product line that scores with a long baseline and high resolution, while at the same time offering a cost-optimized design. Customers receive a fully integrated, pre-configured 3D camera system for large-volume applications that is quickly ready for use and provides even better 3D data thanks to RGB color information. A prototype will be available at the fair.

For more information on the offerings at the event, visit the IDS website here.