May 26, 2021

WiBotic ClearpathHusky400x275WiBotic, which develops autonomous charging and fleet energy management solutions for aerial, mobile, marine and space robotics, has teamed up with Clearpath Robotics to create wireless charging kits for two models of autonomous robots. Now available through Clearpath’s online component store are kits for the Jackal UGV and Husky UGV. The kits can either be installed on new robots before they are shipped, or retrofitted to existing robots with standard tools and simple instructions.

The kits are designed to provide a turnkey solution for wireless power, allowing Clearpath customers to experience fully autonomous battery charging for the first time, the companies said in a statement. When a Jackal or Husky robot navigates to within several centimeters of a charging station, power is automatically delivered through the air, providing battery charging, even in outdoor environments.

WiBotic said the kits offer operators several core benefits, including:


Robots that come within centimeters can recharge their batteries wirelessly without connecting to a contact-based system.

“Clearpath has been revolutionizing autonomous robotics for over a decade,” said Ben Waters, CEO at WiBotic. “Their robots operate across a wide array of rugged environments, from construction sites, to oil refineries, to railroad tunnels. With WiBotic technology built into their new wireless charging kits, the Jackal and Husky robots can now operate truly on their own.   It’s a huge leap forward for operators who want to operate their robots more autonomously and efficiently while also eliminating the potential risks associated with manual battery charging in these often-harsh environments.”. 

“We’re truly excited to partner with WiBotic, a world leader in autonomous charging solutions, to extend the capabilities of our robotic platforms,” said Julian Ware, general manager at Clearpath Robotics. “We had looked for years to find an affordable, rugged, and fit-for-purpose charging solution for our platforms, and in Wibotic we finally found what we were looking for. The value of a mobile robot in commercial services is proportionate to its uptime. With Wibotic wireless charging, our customers are now able to extend the useful runtime of their autonomous robots over the course of a workday without intervention.”

More details on WiBotic can be found at its website. For details on Clearpath Robotics, visit its website here. To request a quote for the Jackal UGV Wireless Charging kit, click here.