February 2, 2021

ToshibaEurope IC400x275Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has expanded its range of advanced eFuse ICs with the introduction of the TCKE712BNL, a device aimed to ensure the highest degree of safety for a broad range of consumer electronic goods. This includes cleaning robots, servers, smart speakers, thermostats, cameras, cordless cleaners and wireless chargers, among others.

Toshiba said conventional fuses, such as glass tubes and chip fuses, protect power supply lines by breaking if there is excessive current. The eFuses provide a more effective alternative, designed to support repeated use by being automatically reset by an internal logic signal. This allows them to have much faster responsiveness and a greater breadth of built-in protection functions.

Exhibiting a 53mΩ on-resistance and with a trip time of only 320ns, the TCKE712BNL covers an input voltage range from 4.4V to 13.2V, with the possibility of adjusting the device’s over-voltage threshold to fit within specific application requirements. Toshiba said over-current (also adjustable), over-temperature and short-circuit protection mechanisms have all been included. In addition, a flag function transmits an external signal that will alert engineers of possible faults in the circuit design, so they can be addressed early in the development process. “Thanks to the reverse current blocking feature, there is the scope for this device to be employed in multiplexed systems,” Toshiba says.

Additional details are available at this website.