Robot Components

PMD ProdigyCME 400x275The Prodigy/CME Machine-Controller boards from Performance Motion Devices provide high-performance motion control for medical, scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-axis configurations, these boards support DC Brush, Brushless DC, and step motors and allow user-written C-language code to be downloaded and run directly on the board. 


ThomsonSplines400x275Thomson Industries, which manufactures linear motion control solutions, has announced a line of precision ball splines that enable the delivery of rotary and linear motion on a single shaft. The new components give designers more flexibility to compress an assembly, extend a stroke, distribute a load or otherwise meet modern automation demands.


Denso VisionSensor400x275DENSO Corporation has announced it expanded the detection angle of its vision sensor, increasing the sensor’s ability to recognize pedestrians and bicycles around a vehicle to improve road safety. The vision sensor is used on some grades of the Subaru Legacy Outback, announced in April 2022 for the North American market, and the Subaru Crosstrek, announced in September 2022 for the Japanese market.


6RiverChuck400x2756 River Systems, a division of Shopify, has announced new features to its wall-to-wall fulfillment system designed for warehouse operators. Integrated into the company’s software-as-a-service-based Fulfillment Execution System and autonomous mobile robots, the new features aim to provide tools and insights needed to maximize operations as fulfillment speed becomes a competitive differentiator for warehouse operators and the merchants they serve.


VelodyneStanley400x275Velodyne Lidar has announced a multi-year agreement to provide its lidar sensors to Stanley Robotics, which develops an automated valet parking solution. The system uses autonomous handling robots to help parking lots improve the customer experience and increase the number of vehicles that can be stored.


InuitiveNU4100 400x275Israel-based Inuitive Ltd, which develops vision-on-chip processors, has announced the launch of its new NU4100, an expansion of its vision and artificial intelligence IC portfolio. Based on a unique architecture and advanced 12nm process technology, the NU4100 IC supports integrated dual-channel 4K ISP, enhanced AI processing and depth sensing on a single-chip, low-power design.


GelSightMini400x275GelSight, which develops tactile intelligence sensor technologies, has announced the release of its GelSight Mini, an artificial-intelligence powered 3D tactile sensor. The sensor offers “superhuman touch resolution” to the commercial market, with a compact design for human hands, and robust enough for use by robots and cobots, the company said. In addition, the GelSight Mini can take just five minutes to deliver shareable results out of the box.


Aeva NVIDIA Sim400x275Aeva, which develops next-generation sensing and perception systems, has announced that its Aeries 4D lidar sensors are now supported on NVIDIA’s DRIVE simulation platform. Aeva’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D lidar sensors detect 3D position, in addition to instant velocity for each point at distances up to 500 meters, bringing an added dimension to sensing and perception for safe autonomous driving.


AerobotixFerro400x275Aerobotix and FerRobotics have announced a partnership to create the first Class II, Division 1 (C2D1) end of arm tool (EAOT) automated sander. Meeting a demand for a hazardous-environment solution that achieves time and cost efficiencies along with enabling safer work environments, the special orbital sander lessens human involvement in hazardous tasks.


OusterLidarOSO 400x275Ouster, which develops high-resolution digital lidar sensors, has announced a 3D industrial lidar sensor suite aimed at high-volume material handling applications. The line of high-resolution OS0 and OS1 sensors is configured to meet unique requirements of forklift, port equipment and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturers, with price points that enable adoption on high-volume production fleets, the company said.


FlexLogixInferXHawk400x275Flex Logix Technologies, which supplies high-performance and efficient edge artificial intelligence inference accelerators, has announced the InferX Hawk – a hardware and software-ready mini-ITX x86 system designed to help customers customize, build and deploy edge and embedded AI systems


ArgoPlatform400x275Argo AI, which develops autonomous vehicle technologies, has announced a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to enable businesses of any size to use autonomous vehicles to enhance ridesharing or goods delivery operations. The Argo product ecosystem can be customized to fit a business’s needs, bringing together self-driving technology, vehicle and fleet management, and data and analytics software to help companies achieve scalable autonomous operations.


SchunckGripper400x275The JGP-P 2-finger parallel gripper can be used to load and unload machine tools, as well as work in clean and slightly dirty surroundings. It can be used in pick and place tasks for assembly work, as well as other related applications.


RealtimeFunding400x275Realtime Robotics, which develops collision-free autonomous motion planning software for industrial robots, has announced it raised an additional $14.4 million in funding, led by Soundproof Ventures, Heroic Ventures and SIP Global Partners.


IDS uEyeWarp10 400x275IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, which manufactures industrial cameras and image processing technology, has announced it will display an array of new camera technologies at the VISION event in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is scheduled for Oct. 4-6, covering the latest in machine vision technologies.


OnRobotIMTS MachineTend400x275OnRobot has announced it will preview its automated, application-centered D:PLOY software platform for robotic deployment at next week’s IMTS 2022 show in Chicago. The system can automatically discover and configure all the components in a robotic cell – including collaborative or light industrial robot arm and tools, as well as integrating external I/O from sensors and machines.


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BLV Series R Type Brushless DC Motor


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