November 23, 2021

DeDrone Preakness400x275Robotics Data, a robotics analytics and consultant firm and strategic partner of Robotics World, has announced a new report providing details on the counter-drone systems market. Also known as counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS), the market includes equipment and software that allows organizations and governments to detect drones that may be threatening their airspace or facilities.

While most organizations cannot legally take down an unauthorized drone, many of the companies listed in Robotics Data’s 10-page report offer different methods of detecting the drones. Because of the increase in the number of global incidents caused by unauthorized drones around the world, organizations increasingly need to understand which companies can provide gear to counter the threat.

“The counter-drone market is quickly maturing as companies figure out the best way to detect drones that may pose a threat to their facilities,” said Keith Shaw, general partner at Robotics Data and co-author of the report. “While many companies may wish to bring the drones down as well, only some federal agencies are allowed to do so at the moment. However, should that change, companies in our report will be ready to offer additional systems to help track the drones and assist law enforcement.”

The report is currently on sale for $199 through the end of December. Other reports from Robotics Data include coverage of marine and maritime robotics, UV-C disinfection robots, and automated ground vehicles (AGVs). The firm said additional reports are coming soon, and they also offer custom market reports for interested companies.