March 17, 2021

InOrbit Whitepaper400x275A new whitepaper/report from InOrbit is available for download, which highlights the different parts of a warehouse where robots are impacting operations. The report is aimed at how companies can improve their productivity and resilience through the latest trends in robotics.

"In light of the acceleration in robot deployments across the logistics and supply chain markets, we wanted to give decision-makers, including Chief Supply Chain Officers and innovation teams, a better understanding of their impact and discuss challenges when multi-robot deployments hit the warehouse," said Florian Pestoni, CEO and co-founder of InOrbit. "As logistics companies scale up their robot deployments, the need to excel at robot operations becomes mission-critical."

InOrbit develops a cloud-based software platform that helps robot companies scale up their fleets of robots for larger deployments, including multi-site deployments. Data from agents placed on robots can be observed, optimized, and orchestrated through the platform, and robot operations staff can tele-operate robots to get them back on their missions when autonomy exceptions occur. The company raised $2.6 million in funding in July 2020 to further develop its platform.

The whitepaper is available for download here.