September 26, 2022

RobotBaristaArtly400x275Artly, which develops robot-enabled coffee barista tasks, has announced closing an $8 million Pre-A Series investment round. The new funding will be used to continue developing its AI barista technology and bring more systems to additional locations.

The Artly system uses robotics, computer vision and deep learning, combined with the skills of master baristas, to produce “the perfect cup of coffee every time.” The company opened its first location in May 2021 in Portland, Ore., and has since opened three more locations in the California Bay Area. It also opened a location in Seattle, near the Pike Place Market. The company said it is ready to expand to more locations in the U.S. later this year.

"At Artly, we are developing a robotic platform to preserve and democratize the craftsmanship of creatives in the food and beverage industry,” said Meng Wang, CEO of Artly. “With the help of advanced AI technologies such as imitation learning and vision-language generative models, our robots can now adapt to new environments and carry out complex and ambiguous tasks. A much wider audience can now enjoy the creation of a skilled barista, losslessly, just as what recorders and speakers are to a singer or printers to a writer or painter.”

“Our AI technology, relentless focus on quality and service, and successful business model will allow Artly to thrive post-pandemic,” added Daniel Lee, vice president of Artly and a veteran of Starbucks. “The future in which AI and our daily lives are intertwined in a great cup of coffee, and I’m excited to bring Artly and our family of coffee ambassadors to all 50 states and beyond.”

Artly said it is differentiating itself from the competition by mastering the craft of coffee. Artly robot baristas can learn fast, and with its “award-winning Human,” master barista Joe Yang, is able to teach the robot new tricks. Each robot barista uses deep learning-based computer vision algorithms to monitor drink quality and guide the arm at each step, ensuring a perfect cup with every order, the company said.

To learn more about Artly, visit its website here.

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