July 12, 2022

FORT Robotics 400x275Philadelphia-based FORT Robotics has announced the close of a $25 million Series B funding round, led by Tiger Global. The company said it will use the funding to accelerate the rollout of its machine communications platform, which aims to make autonomous machines safer and more secure.

The company’s platform includes several hardware solutions, including wireless emergency stops and remote control systems, which are being used by companies such as Agility Robotics, Hexagon Metrology, Moog and hundreds of others. The company said it plans to expand its platform functionality and enhance security offerings to address growing demand from end users.

“Smart machines are transforming the world, but they come with unprecedented safety and security risks,” said Samuel Reeves, founder and CEO of FORT. “There’s a massive need for these machines to communicate in a trustworthy way, and it’s something that’s yet to be addressed in the industry. This investment will allow us to scale up to meet the demands of the next generation of smart machines.”

FORT said as the world begins to shift to autonomous and connected machinery, it will seek to address the vulnerabilities of these systems with its platform for trusted machine communications. The FORT platform fuses functional safety and cybersecurity principles to enable highly reliable communications to, from, and between machines over any network. The company said messages sent with the FORT technology are timely, accurate, and secure, giving an added layer of trust for machines to perform automated tasks with less risk to people and their environment.

“Working with FORT enables us to have a dedicated system for safety-critical control, which is really important for a large machine like ours,” said Steve Ilmrud, vice president of Hexagon Metrology, a FORT customer since 2019. “FORT also helped speed up our development and reduced overall risk for our team.”

In addition to Tiger Global, the funding round includes participation from Lemnos, GRIDS Capital, Creative Ventures, Compound, Funders Club and Prologis. The company said it has now raised a total of $41.5 million with the new round.

“Trust in machine communications is vital as the number of autonomous systems deployed in the real world multiplies exponentially,” said Griffin Schroeder, a partner at Tiger Global. “FORT’s platform is already being utilized by some of the biggest names in automation, and we are thrilled to be a part of their continued growth.”

For more details on the company and its technologies, visit the FORT Robotics website here.

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