November 22, 2021

AutoFlightFunding400x275AutoFlight, which is developing electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technologies, has announced a $100 million Series A investment by European technology investor Lukasz Gadowski, and his company, Team Global. The new funding will be used for international expansion as well as scaling cargo eVTOL production for customers.

The basis of AutoFlight’s vehicle design is a “lift-and-cruise” configuration, which combines range and safety with the advantages of minimal complexity, resulting in certifiability to the highest standards of aviation safety, the company said. With the recent completion of the V1500M’s maiden flight, the company said it will move forward with additional flight tests and plans to go into mass production to have the vehicle certified to fly by 2024.

“AutoFlight is pleased to welcome Lukasz Gadowski as the newest member of our board,” said Tian Yu, founder, chairman and CEO of AutoFlight. “His knowledge and experience will help us to expand our R&D endeavors and to grow our operations globally. We are determined to unlock the skies for mass individual transport through the air. Just in the past month, our autonomous passenger eVTOL aircraft, the V1500M, successfully accomplished its maiden flight. We continue to push hard in accelerating our testing and certification work.”

China-based AutoFlight is one of the earliest Chinese tech companies to develop autonomous eVTOL, including large-payload logistics and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles. The company said it has more than 10,000 takeoff and landing times, and has tested in all kinds of extreme weather conditions. The company also has a manufacturing capacity of 66,000 square meters in Dinfeng, which lets the company vertically integrate the manufacturing of eVTOLs for the most profitable unit economics compared to its global competition.

“We are very proud and excited to partner with such an amazing company as AutoFlight, its fantastic team and its founder, Tian Yu,” said Gadowski. “I admire Tian. He is an extraordinary entrepreneur in Asia and the U.S.A.,and has exceptional experience as both a fixed-wing and helicopter pilot as well as in supply chain management. He has a unique way of combining vision, execution, and heart. The world doesn’t need to build more roads; it needs to preserve resources and nature. Autonomous air mobility is an emerging industry ready to grow, and I am convinced that AutoFlight will be one of its big players.”

For more details on AutoFlight, visit its website here.

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