September 29, 2021

MetoMotion400x275MetoMotion, an Israel-based developer of intelligent robotics systems to help growers operate farms of the future, has announced completing a $5 million investment round. The company said the funds will be used to finalize research and development activities, set up production and marketing activities, and launch the commercial product.

The MetoMotion GRoW robot brings the latest technologies into the greenhouse, using artificial intelligence-based computing for 3D perception. Specially designed and flexible motion control and path-planning algorithms give the robot precise motion between plants, and a unique design that fits the greenhouse environment. Dual arms enable harvesting on both sides of a greenhouse row.

The platform automatically collects information during harvesting, providing insights such as yield forecasts and yield distribution analysis, for improved crop management. The GRoW robot packs the crops into standard industry boxes for easy and seamless integration with existing production procedures. The company said the robot’s capabilities includes adapting its robotic technology to other labor-intensive greenhouse tasks, such as pruning, pollination, de-leafing and data collection for cultivation analysis.

The funding round was led by Ridder, a leading greenhouse technology company, and Navus Ventures, the family investment office of Lely. Sirius VC also participated in the round.

“This investment by Ridder and Navus is an exciting development for MetoMotion,” said Adi Nir, CEO of MetoMotion. “Beyond the funding, our investors bring a combination of rich knowledge, experience and understanding of the greenhouse and ag robotics industry that provides us with an unparalleled partnership in launching a system that is a great match for market needs and truly helps growers solve pressing issues in greenhouse farming.”

“Growers have to do more with less. Automating labor is a key component in that,” added Joep Van den Bosch, chief innovation officer at Ridder. “By adding greenhouse robotics to our Ridder product portfolio, we lower the threshold for growers to step into the robotic age and integrate the generated data with all other Ridder systems in the greenhouse environment.”

For more details on the robot and MetoMotion, visit the company’s website here.