September 23, 2021

China’s Pudu Robotics has announcedPuduRoboticsLineup400x275 completing its C2 series financing round worth approximately $77 million, which was secured within only four months of its Series C1 series of $78 million. The C2 round funds will be used for further research and development, new product development, new site launches, and expansion of its global network.

Pudu Robotics develops several different types of mobile service robots, including a smart delivery robot (PuduBot), premium delivery robot (BellaBot), delivery robot with paging and notification features (HolaBot), a disinfection robot (Puductor 2), delivery and reception robot (KettyBot), and building delivery robot (FlashBot). Launched earlier this year, the KettyBot combines features such as advertising display, customer interaction, greeting and ushering, and AI voice interaction. The FlashBot is designed for hotels and offices, with the ability to ride in an elevator with human passengers.

The company said its growth has been built on its R&D, expansion of robotics use scenarios, and constant improvements of its products’ service quality. “Pudu Robotics’ dedicated R&D team has achieved innovations and breakthroughs in its products’ core technology, having built a wide technical moat covering areas like positioning and navigation, movement control, multi-machine scheduling, and obstacle avoidance,” the company said in a statement. The robots are now applied in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, government offices, airports, high-speed train stations, and hospitals. 

“At Pudu Robotics, we are committed to the ‘Spirit of Invention’ on a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living,” said Felix Zhang, the company’s founder. “With the most advanced technology and powerful drive for innovation, we will continue to develop practical robotics solutions that lead smart living into people’s lives.”

The C2 series financing was led by Meituan, Greater Bay Area Homeland Development Fund, Shenzhen Investment Holdings and Sequoia Capital China, with Taihecap as the independent financial advisor. For more information about the company, visit the Pudu Robotics website here.