September 23, 2021

BlueWhite400x275Blue White Robotics, an Israel-based robotics firm providing robots-as-a-service (RaaS) to enable farms to run autonomously, has announced raising $37 million in Series B funding. THe company said it will use the new funding to increase the rapid adoption of their technologies, drive new U.S. sales, and attract key talent for its all-star international team.

The company said it creates a cohesive experience across farming operations year-round, from sprays and harvesting to disking and seeding. By retrofitting existing infrastructure with intelligent autonomous algorithms, the robot tractors can improve farm productivity, precision, and worker safety. In addition, Blue White’s platform collects and distributes data to create new services to increase crop yields and reduce inputs for the growing autonomous operation. Since its founding in 2017, the autonomous farming company has raised $50 million in total.

“With this new round of investment by some truly world-changing leaders, we have the power to continue our vision for a safer, smarter, and productive autonomous farm for the 21st-century,” said Ben Alfi, co-founder and CEO of Blue White Robotics. “Our amazing team is excited by this renewed commitment to solve the many issues facing our modern farmer and the food system as a whole.”

The latest funding round was led by Insight Partners, and co-led by Entree Capital, which also participated in the company’s Series A round. Additional investors include Clal Insurance, Jesselson Family Office, Peregrine VC, and Regah Ventures.

“Farming is an industry that has seen little progress since the advent of the tractor, and it’s time for farmers to enjoy the same advancements in technology as others,” said Daniel Aronovitz, vice president at Insight Partners. “Blue White Robotics’ value proposition is unparalleled in agriculture technology, and they truly stand by the need for Autonomy, Now.”

“At Entree we have a tagline, ‘Partnering with the exceptional to build the impossible,’” said Avi Eyal, managing partner of Entree Capital. “The exceptional competence of the Blue White Robotics team with their robots as a service has made the disruption of the agricultural industry now possible. We’ve backed Blue White Robotics from the start, and are proud to continue backing them now.”

For more details on the company’s technologies, visit the Blue White Robotics website here.

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