SkylineWasher400x275Skyline Robotics, which develops the Ozmo high-rise window-cleaning robot, has announced a key investment from commercial and residential real estate company Durst Ventures. The venture company is an affiliate of The Durst Organization, which owns some of New York City’s most notable skyscrapers, including One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center and 151 West 42nd Street. 


AvidbotsNeo2 400x275Canada’s Avidbots has announced it raised $70 million in Series C funding to expand its fleet of commercial cleaning robots and autonomy software. With the new financing, Avidbots said it has raised more than $107 million to date.


RobotBaristaArtly400x275Artly, which develops robot-enabled coffee barista tasks, has announced closing an $8 million Pre-A Series investment round. The new funding will be used to continue developing its AI barista technology and bring more systems to additional locations.


AeroVironmentSwitchblade300 400x275AeroVironment, which develops multi-domain robotic systems, has announced it received a $20.6 million firm-fixed-price contract in August from the U.S. Army Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM) project office. The contract is for the procurement of Switchblade 300 tactical missile systems, a back-packable and rapidly deployable-from-ground system designed to engage beyond-line-of-sight targets.


MassageRobotics400x275Massage Robotics, which is developing a life-sized robot for massage therapy purposes, has announced a crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. The company is seeking to solve problems around massage therapy that includes affordability, pain, time management, a shortage of therapists, and body privacy.


HaptXGloves 400x275HaptX, which develops realistic haptic technology, has announced raising $23 million in strategic funding, led by AIS Global and Crescent Cove Advisors. The new funding brings HaptX’s total funding to more than $58 million.



HumansInMotion400x275Canada’s Human in Motion Robotics, Inc., (HMR) has announced it was awarded a $499,828 ($663,000 Canadian) contract by Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) for the Department of National Defence Canada (DND). The contract allows the Canadian government to purchase two units of HMR’s next-generation lower-limb exoskeleton, XoMotion, a wearable robot designed to get people out of wheelchairs and walking again with full mobility and independence.


RealtimeFunding400x275Realtime Robotics, which develops collision-free autonomous motion planning software for industrial robots, has announced it raised an additional $14.4 million in funding, led by Soundproof Ventures, Heroic Ventures and SIP Global Partners.


Clearbot400x275Ocean mobility startup Clearbot has announced it closed on a seed funding round, led by the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), with participation from CarbonX Global. Financial terms of the funding were not disclosed.


IndoorRobotics Tando400x275Israel’s Champel Capital has announced it added Indoor Robotics to its investment portfolio, raising $18 million in Series A funding. Indoor Robotics is developing an autonomous, aerial indoor security robot.


KEFRobotics TE UAS400x275KEF Robotics, which develops visual autonomy systems for aircraft, has announced it was awarded a 12-month, $1.5 million Phase 2 SBIR award from the Army Applications Lab. The contract will fund KEF to develop advanced computer vision algorithms to fly tethered autonomous drones through an urban environment in day or night conditions. The company said the award will speed its ambition to provide vision-based autonomous flight to any aircraft, even in GPS-denied environments.


AIMMedical400x275AiM Medical Robotics, which is developing MRI-compatible intraoperative robotics for neurosurgery, has announced a prototype of its robotics platform, as well as funding from the Sontag Innovation Fund, one of the largest private funders of brain cancer research in the U.S. The new investment comes subsequent to the close of AiM’s seed financing round, which was announced in March 2022.


SabantoFunding400x275Sabanto, which develops technology to add autonomy to existing agricultural equipment, has announced raising $17 million in Series A funding. Funding will be used to increase its farming-as-a-service operations to more farms, on more crops, across more states.


GrayMatterFunding400x275GrayMatter Robotics, an artificial intelligence robotics company that creates smart automation solutions, has announced raising $20 million in Series A investment. The company’s smart robotic cells taim to help high-mix, high-variability manufacturing companies increase their productivity, enhance quality consistency and save costs while meeting global demand for manufactured products and improving the quality of life for shop-floor workers.


LevitaRobot400x275Levita Magnetics, which develops magnetic-assisted robotic surgery systems, has announced raising $26 million in Series C funding. The company said it will use the new funds to support regulatory and near-term commercial efforts in the U.S. for its Magnetic-Assisted Robotic Surgery (MARS) platform.


StradVision AR 400x275South Korea-based StradVision, which develops artificial intelligence-based perception processing for autonomous vehicles (AVs), has announced raising $88 million in a Series C funding round. WIth the latest funding, the company said it has now raised $129 million in total.


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