Flex Logix Unveils Mini-ITX System for Edge, Embedded AI Deployment


September 13, 2022

Flex Logix Technologies, which supplies high-performance and efficient edge artificial intelligence inference accelerators, has announced the InferX Hawk – a hardware and software-ready mini-ITX x86 system designed to help customers customize, build and deploy edge and embedded AI systems.

The InferX Hawk system includes the Flex Logix InferX X1 AI accelerator chip, AMD Ryzen Embedded R2314 SoC, InferX Runtime software, and the EasyVision platform running Linux or Windows to deliver an integrated low-power, high-performance AI system. The AMD Ryzen Embedded R2314 delivers performance per watt efficiency using “Zen+” core architecture and Radeon Graphics. With the Hawk mini-ITX solution, customers can save over six months of hardware and software development time, additional system costs and power over NVIDIA and other solutions, Flex Logix said.

“Adding AI inference to a product can be a revenue-generating game changer and being able to leverage an established industry standard accelerates development and time-to-market,” said Barrie Mullins, vice president of product management at Flex Logix. “The InferX Hawk system is an out-of-the-box solution that delivers increased performance, lower power and decreased costs over NVIDIA and other competitive solutions.”

“We designed our Ryzen Embedded R2000 Series to deliver the performance and functionality needed for emerging AI and machine learning applications,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager, Adaptive & Embedded Computing Group at AMD. “Whether a customer is designing an industrial application, thin client, or mini-PCs, the ability to have high performance at optimized power and great graphics is a key competitive advantage.”

The InferX Hawk system is designed for a wide range of smart vision and video applications, many that are traditionally based on Windows. The Hawk system now offers edge AI developers flexibility to meet their customer needs with their operating system of choice and enables:


  • First/last mile delivery, forklifts, tuggers, drones, and autonomous machines

Safety and Security

  • Mask, personal protection equipment (PPE) detection, building access, data anonymization and privacy
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Optical Inspection
  • Employee safety, logistics and packaging, and inspection of parts, processes and quality

Traffc and Parking Management

  • Traffic junction monitoring, vehicle detection and counting, public and private parking structures, toll booths


  • Logistics, safety, consumer monitoring, automated checkout, and stock management


  • Medical image analytics, patient monitoring, mask detection, staff and facility access control and safety


  • Crop inspection, weed and pest detection, automated harvesting, yield and quality analysis, animal monitoring and health analysis

FlexLogix said the Hawk system leverages the InferX accelerator, an efficient AI inference chip for edge systems, offering a price/performance advantage over existing edge inference solutions. Customers using Hawk can also take advantage of Flex Logix’s EasyVision platform that provides ready-to-use models that are trained to perform the most common object detection capabilities such as hard-hat detection, people counting, face mask detection and license plate recognition.

For more details on the InferX Hawk, visit the Flex Logix website here.

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