Coco Updates Remotely-piloted Delivery Robot

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December 2, 2021

Robot-based delivery service Coco has announced the launch of COCO 1, a larger, more advanced version of its signature pink robot. The COCO 1 is the first robot designed and manufactured in partnership with micro-mobility hardware manufacturer Segway. The company said it will deploy thousands of COCO 1 robots to serve local merchants in multiple cities over the next few months. The increased carrying capacity aims to deliver larger orders for merchants, eliminating the need for car-based delivery.

Compared to its current model, the COCO 1 offers new features, including a more efficient drivetrain and a larger battery capacity that increases the delivery radius of up to three miles, nearly double the original model’s radius. The COCO 1 also includes multiple cameras and sensors to assist remote pilots in safely navigating around traffic and obstructions and to efficiently plan delivery routes.

“Amidst the ongoing labor shortage and growing demand for delivery robots, we believe that Coco is embarking on an exciting journey in a blue-ocean market,” said Tony Ho, vice president of global business development at Segway. “This collaboration is by far Segway’s largest endeavour in the delivery robotics space. When we thought about expanding into robotic delivery, we knew we wanted to partner with a brand that had similar values as us. We saw that alignment in Coco’s commitment to serving merchants and their customers, and are excited to deliver on that commitment by leveraging the safety and sustainability features offered by the Segway RMP.”

Coco said the launch of COCO 1 also enables the company to expand into the grocery space. Since the new robot can hold  up to four full grocery bags and can travel further distances for drop offs, this can be ideal for metropolitan grocery delivery. The robot will make its debut with Los Angeles-based health foods grocery store Erewhon Market, and will be stationed at all locations across the city. Coco said this launch will further support its expansion outside of the Los Angeles area, making grocery shopping more convenient and accessible in any major city.

“At Coco, our merchants’ needs are at the forefront of all design and development decisions,” said Zach Rash, co-founder and CEO of Coco. “With COCO 1 we applied merchant feedback to increase carrying capacity, allowing for larger food, grocery, and pizza deliveries, while also improving vehicle efficiency to decrease delivery times. With faster speeds, more stable driving, increased delivery radius and a larger vehicle, we’re very excited to provide a better experience for both our customers and merchants.”

Since launching in 2020, Coco said it has established relationships with more than 50 merchants across every major neighborhood in the Los Angeles area, with expansions coming in the next year. The company said it guarantees a 97% on-time delivery rate and 30% reduction in total delivery time,. The company recently announced a partnership with C3 and a Series A funding round of $36 million to support it expansion into other major markets.

For more details about the company, visit the Coco website here.

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