PittsburghRobotics 400x275The Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN), an alliance of robotics companies, research institutions, and universities in the Pittsburgh area, has announced it has grown to more than 100 members. The group has announced a commitment to make the city the “Robotics Capital of the World” through new strategic initiatives.


MattGaston400x275Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has announced a new research division dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) engineering, and named Matthew Gaston as its director. The new division will focus on research in applied AI and the engineering questions related to the practical design and implementation of AI technologies and systems.


TRI HomeRobot400x275Toyota Research Institute (TRI)  has announced new robotics capabilities that are aimed to solve complex tasks in home environments, including the ability to understand and operate in complicated situations that confuse most other robots. In a tongue-in-cheek video released as part of National Selfie Day, the robots are seen performing tasks such as recognizing and responding to transparent and reflective surfaces in different situations.


PepperNAO400x275Robotics integrator RobotLAB and SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA) have announced that the humanoid robots Pepper and NAO are now exclusively available through RobotLAB in North America. The partnership also expands Pepper’s previous industry and STREAM education focus areas to a broader range of applications, and marks RobotLAB’s debut as a partner of SoftBank’s Whiz cleaning robot.


DiveTech400x275Dive Technologies has announced it extended their partnership with Kraken Robotics to build a commercial autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for deep subsea cable and infrastructure inspections and geophysical surveys. Specially built for Kraken Robotics, the DIVE-LD will be outfitted with a unique survey sensor suite to augment Kraken’s existing fleet in Canada with a long-range, deep-sea survey capability. The DIVE-LD is expected to be delivered to Kraken later this summer.


ARM ProjectCall400x275The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has published its latest “Special Call for Technology Projects”, which aim to address specific needs in the manufacturing industry and support the Department of Defense. ARM Institute Members are free to submit proposals, which are due on June 28, 2021 at 5 p.m. ET.


MIT Digital Fibers 400x275MIT researchers have created the first fiber with digital capabilities, able to sense, store, analyze, and infer activity after being sewn into a shirt. The researchers said this could expand the possibilities for fabrics to uncover hidden patterns in the human body that could be used for physical performance monitoring, medical inference, and early disease detection, among other uses.


IFR RobotPlanet400x275The International Federation of Robotics has published its 2021 update paper highlighting different robotics programs from around the world, including China, Europe and the U.S. The “World Robotics R&D Programs” report is available for interested parties through this website (free registration required).


TRI Punyo SoftGripper400x275The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has announced it is sharing the design source files and full build instructions for its innovative domestic robot hands, with the goal of accelerating the field of soft robotics. Starting today, any research institution or aspiring roboticist can visit to build their own Punyo Soft Bubble Gripper.


WarehouseServices400x275Research company Interact Analysis is predicting that soaring growth in the warehouse automation equipment market will cause parallel growth in the market for service contracts – worth $4.3 billion in 2020 and projected to grow to $8.7 billion by 2025.


Mill19 Hazlewood400x275Carnegie Mellon University and the Richard King Mellon Foundation have announced that the two long-time partners will make a transformational investment in science and technology leadership at the university as well as the Pittsburgh, Pa., region. The $150 million grant will be used to fund a new science building, robotics innovation center, and an institute focused on advanced materials and manufacturing.


IBM 2nm chip 400x275IBM has unveiled a breakthrough in semiconductor design and process with the development of the world's first chip with 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology. Semiconductors play critical roles in everything from computing, to appliances, to communication devices, transportation systems, and critical infrastructure.


AI2THOR 400x275The Allen Institute for AI (AI2), which conducts research and engineering in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced the 3.0 release of its embodied AI framework, known as AI2-THOR. The new version adds active object manipulation to its testing framework to allow robotics developers to train robots in a virtual environment instead of real-world training methods.


iRobotRootCoding400x275iRobot has released new coding resources through its iRobot Education platform to promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development. The company also has added Python coding support and a new 3D Root coding robot simulator environment aimed at hybrid and remote learning landscapes.

MIT RF Grasp400x275In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell. “Researchers have been giving robots human-like perception,” says MIT Associate Professor Fadel Adib. In a new paper, Adib’s team is pushing the technology a step further. “We’re trying to give robots superhuman perception,” he says.

StrategicElementsBattery400x275Australia’s Strategic Elements Ltd. has announced it has demonstrated the ability for its self-charging Battery Ink cells to be scaled down in size, in order to provide a prototype battery pack that could produce a 14-volt output solely by harvesting moisture from the air.