March 15, 2022

ModexFloor400x275In less than two weeks, thousands of people are expected to gather in Atlanta for the MODEX 2022 event, where more than 850 vendors plan to showcase the latest technologies around supply chain innovation, including many in the robotics and automation space. After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 put a halt to many in-person events, this year’s MODEX 2022 event is shaping up to give supply chain executives a look at what is coming next in their industry.

Here is a sampling of the robotics and automation companies that will be at the show, and what they plan on demonstrating:

Addverb Technologies will showcase its end-to-end automation solutions through its automated robots, material handling technologies, in-house system integration services, and AI-powered software solutions.

Ambi Robotics will be demonstrating its AI-enabled robots that can assist with package sorting and order-picking operations. The company will likely also discuss its recent expansion with Pitney Bowes.

Enersys will showcase its family of NexSys battery solutions, including lithium-ion and PURE Thin Plate Pure Lead (TTPPL) batteries that aim to maximize productivity while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions and water consumption. The company will also display its EnSite modling software and power management tools for lift truck battery and charger fleets.

Flexcon Container will show off its new Quick-Drain Tote, designed for AS/RS operations but with 30% venting to help water to escape at a rapid rate in case of fire. The company also will show off other containers, dividers, pallets and bulk boxes.

GreyOrange will demonstrate its Ranger Assist robot along with its GreyMatter AI software to assist with picking in order fulfillment operations.

HAI Robotics will showcase its warehouse automation solutions, including two types of autonomous case-handling robots and one workstation. This includes the HAIPICK A42T robot, the HAIPICK A3 robot and the HAIPORT automatic loading and unloading machine.

Honeywell will demonstrate its Smart Flexible Depallitizer, next-generation automated storage and retrieval system, and autonomous mobile robots.

INFORM, which develops AI-based optimization software, will show its yard management system and optimization solutions for supply chain operations.

Kindred will preview its next AI-enabled robotic system, as well as demonstrate its SORT AI-powered automated picking and sorting system. 

Mujin will showcase its mixed-case palletizing robot system as well as its MujinController that helps guide the movement of any robot arm via machine intelligence.

RightHand Robotics will discuss its new Partner Integration Program and show off the eOperator solution it developed with charter member Element Logic, which combines robotic picking with automated storage and retrieval systems.

Savoye will exhibit its advanced hardware technologies, including shuttles, goods-to-person stations and INTELLIS MDR conveyors, as well as warehouse execution software and warehouse management software.

Sparck Technologies will demonstrate the CVP Impack and CVP Everest automated packaging solutions, which create custom, right-size boxes for variable dimension for single- or multi-item orders.

Tompkins Robotics will show off its recently announced tSort3D mobile robot that increases the number of sort destinations while reducing the overall footprint for deployments.

Yaskawa Motoman will display its smart automation solutions, including a palletizing workcell with its HC20, an IP67-rated collaborative robot; its MotoMini robot designed for assembly, inspection, and packaging; and two easy methods of robot programing with the HC10 direct teach cobots.

Other companies we are keeping an eye on include Berkshire Grey, SICK, Raymond, Quanergy, OPEX, Universal Robots, ROEQ, OTTO Motors, Siemens, Plus One Robotics, and Vanderlande Keep watching this space for further updates as companies announce additional products. Robotics World will be attending the event beginning on Monday, March 28.