February 9, 2022

InOrbitConfigCode400x275Robotics software developer InOrbit has announced the addition of Configuration as Code feature to its platform. The new feature lets engineers streamline their development workflow with software automation best practices to fit their specific needs. The tools are available on the InOrbit Developer Portal, which the company launched last year.

The company said common pain points are found throughout the development process that can hinder and delay effective operational solutions. Developing robotics software is especially time-consuming, manually driven, and prone to human error. InOrbit said its Configuration as Code feature enables the same best practices seen in other development practices, such as data center operations and continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

“We want to create RobOps (robot operations) tools that solve problems, streamline processes and can be incorporated as part of the development workflow,” said Julian Cerruti, CEO and co-founder at InOrbit. “Support for Configuration as Code enables developers with the benefits precise robot configurations offer, leveraging the power of the InOrbit platform to better manage the development cycle.”

Code examples and schemas have been published to GitHub to help developers explore some of the benefits of the new support, the company said. Some additional benefits include:

  • Version control of code changes
  • Improved workflows: pull requests, code review, approvals
  • CI/CD integration
  • Reusable and reproducible configurations
  • Rollback capabilities
  • Security enhancements
  • Auditing and traceability
  • Software parameterization.

The company provides more details here about its developer solutions.

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