April 20, 2021

BerkshireGrey400x275SoftBank Robotics and SoftBank Logistics have announced a joint partnership with Berkshire Grey to offer an advanced third-party logistics service for eCommerce fulfillment. The SB Logistics’ 3PL offering uses Berkshire Grey’s Intelligent Enterprise Robotics solutions that autonomously pick, carefully place, and pack customer orders to best meet the extremely high standards in the Japanese market, the companies said in a statement.

The Robotic Pick and Pack (RPP) systems will enable SB Logistics to process customer orders by robotically handling tens of thousands of SKUs, ranging from high-end cellphones and electronics to packaged foods, toys, health and beauty items, and other general merchandise at its flagship fulfillment center in Ichikawa, Japan.

“Berkshire Grey’s RPP systems are capable of handling significantly higher volumes of SKUs than other robotic providers can handle while offering levels of careful handling and precise placement that is unmatched in the industry,” said Fumihide Tomizawa, president and CEO of SoftBank Robotics and SB Logistics. “We challenged Berkshire Grey to increase their capabilities even further to best meet the very high expectations of customers in our target markets. Berkshire Grey met that challenge and developed advanced functionality to enable the most innovative solutions in warehouse robotics.”

In addition to the challenges of hiring qualified workers, meeting customer demands for lower costs and pricing pressures, 3PLs also face throughput fluctuations, capital investment concerns, and customer-specific service level agreements. Damage costs are often absorbed by 3PLs, and shipping less-than-perfect items cause costly returns and unhappy customers, resulting in damaged reputations for the 3PLs and their customers. Berkshire Grey said its AI-enabled robotics solutions help 3PLs and other enterprises overcome these challenges.

“On behalf of their customers, SB Logistics is creating a leading-edge eCommerce fulfillment facility that will become a fully automated 3PL outbound operation,” said Jessica Moran, senior vice president and general manager of 3PL and parcel businesses at Berkshire Grey. “This operation will be the model for automated fulfillment centers now and for future generations. We are pleased that our Intelligent Enterprise Robotics solutions are the foundation for the next level of innovation in SoftBank’s 3PL services.”

For more details on Berkshire Grey’s offerings, head to its website.