March 11, 2021

HAIPICK Hai 400x275Shenzhen, China-based Hai Robotics, which develops autonomous case-handling systems for logistics and industrial automation purposes, has announced a Series B+ round of almost $15 million. The round was led by 5Y Capital, with participation from existing investors Source Code Capital and Walden International. The company said it will use the new capital to fund research and development, operational capabilities and business expansion.

Founded in 2016, Hai Robotics aims to provide intelligent, flexible and customized warehouse automation systems through advanced robotics and artificial intelligence algorithms. The company’s HAIPICK system, developed in 2015, was put into commercial operation in 2018.

The HAIPICK system uses autonomous case-handling robots to store and retrieve up to eight cases at a time in tall, narrow storage aisles. The dense storage configuration enables operations to reduce the square footage of their warehouse dedicated to storage. Once cases are retrieved, robots work in a goods-to-person framework, moving inventory into position for order fulfillment missions and other logistics processes.

The company said HAIPICK has been deployed in third-party logistics (3PL), apparel, e-commerce, energy, electronics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries. It says customers can increase their storage density by 80% to 130%, and improve warehouse operation efficiency by 3x or 4x.

Last year, the company launched a double-deep ACR, carton-picking ACR, telescopic lift ACR, laser SLAM ACR and HAIPORT automatic case-loading port. “We have deployed over 90 projects and gained the trust of many of our customers who continue working with us in new projects,” said Richie Chen, founder and CEO of HAI Robotics. “The HAIPICK ACR solution offers several advantages in storage capacity, delivery efficiency, flexibility, and stability, and it is a comprehensively cost-effective solution for customers.”

More details on Hai Robotics are available at its website.

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