March 3, 2021

HAIPICKRobots400x275MHS, a materials-handling systems integrator, has announced a partnership with Hai Robotics to provide autonomous case-handling robotic systems for distribution and fulfillment centers as well as courier, express and parcel distribution centers. The solutions will address labor and storage capacity challenges for customers in North America.

“With logistics facilities feeling pressure to accommodate growing SKU counts and order volumes, our robotic systems provide efficient, intelligent, flexible and customizable warehouse automation solutions to make more efficient use of available space,” said Johnny Zhang, vice president of international sales at Hai Robotics. “In order to expand our business in North America, we need to find the right local integration partners. The experience, capability and strength of MHS in our target markets make them an ideal fit.”

The HAIPICK system uses autonomous case-handling robots to store and retrieve several cases at a time in tall, narrow storage aisles. The storage configuration lets operations reduce the square footage dedicated to goods storage, while actually increasing total storage capacity, the companies said. Once cases are retrieved, the robots work in a goods-to-person framework, moving inventory into position to complete order fulfillment and other logistics tasks.

“The HAIPIC solutions offer superior flexibility, faster implementation and much lower cost compared to conventional AS/RS driven by shuttles and cranes,” said Michael Fleming, manager of AGV and AMR solutions at MHS. “Working with Hai Robotics allows MHS to serve our customers with advanced technology that best fits their needs in an evolving marketplace.”

More details are available at the MHS website.

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