ROEQ OMRON400x275Denmark-based ROEQ, which develops top modules and cart systems for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced new options for owners of the OMRON LD-250. The new TMC500 top module and Cart500 doubles the payload capacity of the AMR from 250 kg (550 lbs.) to 500 kg (1,100 lbs.), but also provides a standardized, safe and flexible solution for internal logistics tasks.


MIR1350 profile400x275The Mobile Industrial Robots MiR 1350 provides automated pickup, transport and delivery of pallets on the factory floor. This increases workplace safety and frees up employees to turn their attention to more productive tasks. The most powerful AMR from MiR to date, the MiR1350 can transport a payload of up to 1,350 kg (3,000 lbs.). 



IMTSRoundup400x275Last week in Chicago, thousands of people attended the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2022 (IMTS 2022), including companies that produce industrial robots, cobots, software and other robotics accessories. The presence of robots was not dominating like at other trade shows (such as Automate), but did represent a growing interest from attendees that were interested in supplementing their processes through the use of robots.


AerobotixFerro400x275Aerobotix and FerRobotics have announced a partnership to create the first Class II, Division 1 (C2D1) end of arm tool (EAOT) automated sander. Meeting a demand for a hazardous-environment solution that achieves time and cost efficiencies along with enabling safer work environments, the special orbital sander lessens human involvement in hazardous tasks.


SchunckGripper400x275The JGP-P 2-finger parallel gripper can be used to load and unload machine tools, as well as work in clean and slightly dirty surroundings. It can be used in pick and place tasks for assembly work, as well as other related applications.


RealtimeFunding400x275Realtime Robotics, which develops collision-free autonomous motion planning software for industrial robots, has announced it raised an additional $14.4 million in funding, led by Soundproof Ventures, Heroic Ventures and SIP Global Partners.


IDS uEyeWarp10 400x275IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, which manufactures industrial cameras and image processing technology, has announced it will display an array of new camera technologies at the VISION event in Stuttgart, Germany. The event is scheduled for Oct. 4-6, covering the latest in machine vision technologies.


OnRobotIMTS MachineTend400x275OnRobot has announced it will preview its automated, application-centered D:PLOY software platform for robotic deployment at next week’s IMTS 2022 show in Chicago. The system can automatically discover and configure all the components in a robotic cell – including collaborative or light industrial robot arm and tools, as well as integrating external I/O from sensors and machines.


OnRobot Eyes Contrib400x275Companies of all sizes have enthusiastically adopted collaborative automation, enabling it to become the fastest growing segment of the global industrial robotics market. But could this paradigm changing new era of automation be slowed down by a shortage of human workers? Potentially. 


Universal UR20 400x275Universal Robots has announced its UR20, a collaborative robot (cobot) designed for machining tasks in the manufacturing space. The company plans to demonstrate the UR20 at the upcoming IMTS manufacturing show, Sept. 12-17 in Chicago.


A3 RobotSalesAug2022Robot sales in North America have hit a record high for the third-straight quarter, according to the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), which tracks sales statistics in the robotics sector. The record was driven by a resurgence in sales to automotive companies, and continuing needs to manage increased demand to automate logistics for e-commerce. 


GermanBionic Lift400x275German Bionic, which is developing smart power suit exoskeletons, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Mubea, a German firm that specializes in manufacturing lightweight products and manufacturing technologies. By commencing production for the development of robotic exoskeletons, Mubea said it is tapping into a new and extremely promising future sector, with a projected market volume of $12.5 billion by 2030.


OptimasQualityLab400x275Optimas Solutions, an industrial manufacturer and distributor that specializes in fastening and supply chain solutions, has announced the re-opening of its Quality Lab in Columbus, Ind., in order to provide general parts inspections and production part approval process (PAPP) evaluations.


Geodis LocusBots400x275Global transport and logistics provider GEODIS has announced an expansion of its agreement with Locus Robotics, and will deploy 1,000 LocusBots at the company’s warehouse locations worldwide over the next 24 months. The company said this represents one of the industry’s largest autonomous mobile robot (AMR) deals to date.


Bell EvermanServoBeltArcDrive400x275Bell-Everman, which creates motion control technologies for automation and metrology tasks, has announced a new multi-axis transfer robot based on its ServoBelt backlash-free belt drive technology. The ServoBelt Arc Drive features custom-designed rotary and tilt axes that precisely position semiconductor glass panels.


DobotCRSeries400x275Dobot and its U.S.-based distributor DB Cobots, has announced the addition of its 3 kg and 10 kg cobots to the existing 5 kg version of the Safe Skin models, to enable more industries and companies to use collaborative robots (aka cobots) with the safest technology available.


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