January 25, 2022

UVDRobotsHospitalRoom400x275Denmark’s UVD Robots has announced that Ecolab, a global leader in infection prevention solutions and services, has expanded its portfolio to include UVD Robots in offerings to healthcare customers, hospitals, in-patient and out-patient clinics, ambulatory surgical facilities, and rehabilitation clinics.

The company’s autonomous UV-C disinfection robots are utilized to help customers address hospital acquired infections (HAI) as well as protect against new coronavirus variants and other contaminants. The company said at least 20% of HAIs are considered avoidable through better infection prevention practices within healthcare settings. In addition to Ecolab, UVD is partnering with ISS World Services and its global offering of cleaning services.

“We are thrilled that this collaboration is now expanded to benefit healthcare facilities on a wider global scale,” said Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots. As an example, Nielsen said UVD Robots’ germicidal UV-C disinfection technology can treat an operating theater, depending on area size, in about 8 to 15 minutes.

While disinfecting via UV-C lights is not a new concept, many of those options often do not reach shadowed or more remote areas, which can be reached with an autonomous mobile robot.

“The UVD Robot solves the challenges of repositioning and minimizes shadowing, which have previously hindered the comprehensive application of UV-C disinfection, while providing 24/7 access to real-time compliance and efficacy reports of the disinfection procedures,” said Claus Risager, chairman of the board of UVD Robots and CEO of Blue Ocean Robotics, of which UVD is a part of.

In addition, Risager said the autonomous nature of the robots helps to free up hospital personnel from physically having to move the system around, turning it on and off in between new positions, compared to technologies that are more stationary. He added that the robot’s constant movements also reduce the possibility of UV-C overdose, which can lead to material degradation such as yellowing and cracking on equipment, which then poses an additional infection risk.

More details on UVD Robots and its offerings are available here.