November 16, 2021

NalaRobotics400x275Nala Robotics has announced the launch of its fully automatic robotic kitchen, which can cook millions of recipes from around the world without any human intervention. Through robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Nala can “master any dish in a matter of minutes.”

The Nala recipe catalog aims to offer dishes from chefs and celebrities from around the world, and users can upload their recipes that are coded and then replicated by Nala. The system can also personalize and customize ingredients to a customer’s liking, or in the words of the company’s founder, Ajay Sunkara, “immortalize your grandma’s recipe” to create a one-stop eatery for every palate, across multiple cuisines.

On Nov. 11, the company opened its first restaurant, One Mean Chicken, in Naperville, Illinois, which offers wings and fried chicken in the Mall of India. In that same location, multiple restaurants will be launched, with the next being Nala’s Thai 76 and Surya Tiffins, which features a South Indian breakfast menu. Sunkara said the company plans to open 10 restaurant locations in 2022 and 100 by 2024. Nala said it also partnered with several celebrity chefs to operate their ghost kitchens, powered by Nala.

“Nala is the first AI and ML-powered multi-cuisine chef,” said Sunkara. “Being AI-powered, the robotic chef gets better and better every single day. The more it cooks, the more it’s going to learn and master these recipes. It is built to work 24/7; it doesn’t need a break. It’s easily scalable and trainable. It’s a workhorse.”

Sunkara added that with much talk about recent labor shortages in the restaurant industry, AI could be the answer.

“AI is going to create more quality jobs and entrepreneurs through Nala’s Marketplace,” he said. “Our marketplace feature will help home chefs, food influencers, Michelin Stars Chefs and anyone with a good recipe to start their own ghost kitchen menu without having to spend thousands of dollars to build their restaurants. By simply coding their recipes into Nala’s secure database, they can sell their dishes to customers at every Nala location.”

Because the robots can work 24/7, during off-peak restaurant hours the company plans to roll out on-the-go prepackaged foods to make available at local grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores. The company said it also plans to offer meal plan subscriptions that present freshly prepared dishes on demand, and in special categories such as gluten-free, vegan and keto, among others.

“Man’s food journey started as a hunter and gatherer,” said Sunkara. “Nala Robotics brings us the next evolution in our journey where robots cook and deliver food.”

For more details on the company, visit the Nala Robotics website here.

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