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OttonomyRomeAirport400x275Ottonomy.IO has announced the launch of its Ottobot 2.0 at pier A of Terminal 1 at the Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) in Rome, Italy. The autonomous delivery project is part of ADR’s long-term strategy to maintain the highest levels of service and enhance passengers’ experience through the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation.


RobotBaristaArtly400x275Artly, which develops robot-enabled coffee barista tasks, has announced closing an $8 million Pre-A Series investment round. The new funding will be used to continue developing its AI barista technology and bring more systems to additional locations.


ServePizzaHutCanada400x275Pizza Hut Canada has announced the launch of its new robot delivery service, through a partnership with Serve Robotics. The service will host a two-week pilot program in Vancouver, British Columbia, allowing customers who place an order via the Pizza Hut app to have menu items delivered directly to their doorstep via robot.


NuroUberPartner400x275Uber Technologies has announced a 10-year partnership with Nuro, which develops autonomous vehicles, to advance the use of autonomous food deliveries in the U.S. The partnership will kick off later this fall with deliveries in Houston, Texas, and Mountain View, California.


BlendidJambaLoves400x275Blendid, which develops food automation systems through robotics, has announced a deployment of its Jamba by Blendid autonomous robotic kiosk at a Love’s Travel Stops store in California. Located at the rest area in Williams, Calif., just outside of Sacramento, the kiosk provides customers with smoothies on the go prepared by a robotic system.


PicnicWorksPizzaStation400x275Picnic Works, which develops food automation technologies, has announced a partnership with Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, the largest franchisee of Domino’s stores outside of the U.S. The partnership will explore how restaurant automation can enhance customer and employee experiences, with a demonstration of the Picnic Pizza Station in a Domino’s store in Germany.


Cigno400x275Harpak-ULMA, the North American distributor of tray sealing manufacturer G. Mondini, has announced commercial availability of the Cigno (pronounced Cheenyo), a fully automatic compact tray sealer that looks to increase productivity for small-to-midsize food operations.


Mezli AutomatedFood400x275KitchenTown, a San Francisco Bay Area innovation center that helps entrepreneurs create the future of food, has announced that Mezli, a fully autonomous restaurant, has rolled out from its 30,000-square-foot San Mateo campus and is now parked at Mission Bay’s Spark Social to be open to the public.


FactionGroceryPointOne400x275Faction, which is developing self-driving micro-logistics vehicles and vehicle-on-demand transportation, has announced a partnership with Point One Navigation, which develops precise positioning technology. The partnership aims to bring right-sized driverless delivery and transportation solutions to the mass market. has announced closing a seed funding round of $3.3 million, bringing its total funding to date to $4.9 million. The company also announced Ottobot 2.0, the newest version of its fully autonomous mobile robot for retail and restaurant deliveries.


Bobacino400x275Bobacino, which is developing fully automated, small footprint boba shops, has announced a new research and development partnership with Boba Guys, a San Francisco-based chain of Boba cafes that offers milk tea drinks and snacks. The partnership aims to speed the development of Bobacino’s technology and explore future collaboration opportunities.


HyphenFunding400x275Hyphen, a food robotics company that automates meal production through its Makeline and KitchenOS platform, has announced a strategic investment from Chipotle Mexican Grill via its Cultivate Next venture fund. Tiger Global and existing strategic investors also participated in the financing. Terms of the investment were not disclosed, but the company said it will use the funds to fuel research and development, accelerate hiring plans, and expand Hyphen’s support capabilities.


PuduBot2 400x275China’s Pudu Robotics has unveiled its latest commercial service robot, the PuduBot 2. With a range of upgrades, the next generation of universal delivery robots offers better environment adaptability, stronger sensors, higher battery power capacity, and more stability than its original PuduBot, which launched in 2017.


ComauRacer 400x275Comau has announced its new Racer-5 Sensitive Environments (SE), a high-speed industrial robot designed for special and sensitive settings found in the pharmaceutical, health & beauty, food & beverage, and electronics industries. The Racer-5 SE features a food grade lubrication, protective water, heat and grease-resistant coating to respond to the demand for IP67 certification and ISO 5 Clean room classification. The design also protects from chemical agents and the need to reduce the risk of contamination. 


SloveniaPuduMcDonalds400x275China’s Pudu Robotics, which develops commercial service robots, has announced that a team of its robots are working at McDonald’s locations in Slovenia, in a deal set up by local partner ARONAtm. The company said it also worked with other partners to expand its presence in Poland, the Netherlands, the U.K., and other European countries, with robots deployed in gas stations, retail electronics outlets, restaurants and hotels.


PiestroServePartner400x275Piestro, which automates artisanal pizza creation within a few minutes, has announced a partnership with Serve Robotics, which develops autonomous sidewalk deliveries. The partnership aims to offer customers a contactless, end-to-end robotic pizza delivery experience.


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