Food / Beverage

MotionalUberSantaMonica400x275Driverless technology provider Motional has announced teaming up with Uber to launch autonomous deliveries for Uber Eats customers in Santa Monica, Calif. Motional will use all-electric IONIQ 5 vehicles that operate autonomously to conduct end-to-end food deliveries.


PurdueDroneDelivery400x275Purdue Athletics has teamed up with its hospitality partner Levy, DBK Studio, Chicago-based Valqari and USOG to pilot a drone-delivered food and beverage service at its sports and entertainment venue. The pilot program took place from April 27-30 at Alexander Field, home of Purdue Baseball.


MisoJackInBox400x275Food automation developer Miso Robotics has announced a partnership with Jack in the Box to begin a pilot program with its Flippy 2 and Sippy robots in one of the restaurant chain’s stand-alone locations, with possible integration occurring in the months ahead. Both Flippy 2 and Sippy leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and data analytics to maximize efficiency in commercial kitchens.


PUDU A1 400x275China-based Pudu Robotics, which develops commercial service robots for restaurants and mobile delivery tasks, has unveiled its PUDU A1 robot. The company calls the PUDU A1 a compound delivery robot, designed for restaurant settings. The robot employs technologies that include food recognition, positioning and grasping, laser SLAM and visual SLAM in order to help bridge the divide between the kitchen and dining table.


MisoCookRight400x275Miso Robotics, which is developing robotics and intelligent automation for the restaurant industry, has announced its latest product line, CookRight Coffee. The AI-powered system is designed to monitor key coffee metrics such as volume, temperature and time data, and combine these with data analytics to guarantee a quality cup of coffee and more efficient team member experience. Miso has teamed up with Panera Bread to evaluate and test the CookRight Coffee system.


PuduMarchLaunch400x275China’s Pudu Robotics, which develops commercial service robots, held a new product launch in Shenzhen, introducing four new robots. Under the theme of “3+X”, the company announced three delivery robots – SwiftBot, PUDU A1 and PUDU D1 – and a new cleaning robot, the PUDU SH1.


ChippyRobot Chipotle400x275Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced its latest digital innovation, Chippy, an autonomous kitchen assistant that integrates “culinary traditions with artificial intelligence” to make tortilla chips. The system utilizes Miso Robotics to customize its latest solution to cook and freshly season Chipotle’s tortilla chips.


BearRoboticsServi400x275Bear Robotics, which develops hospitality robots and artificial intelligence solutions, has announced raising $81 million in a Series B funding round. The company said it will use the funding to add new products and expand into new markets around the world.


DexaiChef400x275Dexai Robotics, which develops intelligent robotics solutions for commercial kitchens, has announced it signed a $1.6 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to automate food services in multiple military installations around the U.S. Dexai will supply 10 of its “Alfred” sous-chef systems – an automated food preparation robot that improves production and quality of operations, reduces food waste and lowers risks of viral and microbial transmissions.


HyphenMakeline400x275Hyphen, which develops software and robotics to improve efficiency in commercial kitchens, has announced raising $24 million in a Series A financing round. The company has raised $34.4 million to date, and will use the new funding to build out their factory, expand into new markets, invest in research and development for next-generation products, and deploy with customers in the U.S.


JambaBlendid400x275Jamba and Blendid have announced the addition of two new autonomous robotic kiosk locations in Georgia: Georgia College in Milledgeville, Ga., and Kennesaw State University in Marietta. The new locations expand beyond the company’s current pilot locations in a shopping mall and big box retailer. The companies said they will continue to explore more kiosks in several non-traditional venues, such as gyms, hospitals, airports, and more.


Piab SOFTGRIP100 4 400x275Piab has announced the new and largest piSOFTGRIP 100-4, developed with food industry automation tasks, but also with the capability of handling odd-shaped machine parts or to remove injection molded parts.


LG CLOi 400x275LG Business Solutions USA has announced that its LG CLOi ServeBot, a mobile commercial service robot, will come to the U.S. market in early 2022. The ServeBot (model LDLIM21) has earned UL 3300 certification for safe operation in complex commercial environments, including restaurants, retail stores and hotels.


BurgerFi 400x275BurgerFi, a premium fast-casual restaurant chain, has announced it is testing and expanding five new technologies and creative strategies to stay ahead of evolving consumer preferences and to combat restaurant labor shortages. One of these tests is Patty the Robot, a food delivery robot that brings food to customers at the company’s Jupiter, Fla. location.


PrestoOttonomyCurbside400x275Presto, which develops productivity technologies for restaurants, has announced a partnership with Ottonomy that would allow Presto customers to use autonomous delivery vehicles for contactless curbside and parking lot deliveries. Guests will be able to order and pay using Presto’s touch or voice products, and receive food delivered by an Ottonomy vehicle. The partnership reflects a commitment to finding innovative solutions to address restaurant labor shortages, Presto said.


MacysBreadRobot400x275Le Bread Xpress, which has created a robotic vending machine for baking a variety of meals and pastries on demand, has announced that Macy’s Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara, Calif., has installed a custom-branded Bake Xpress. The machine provides a full menu of fresh-baked meals and pastries that complements the beverage and snack options provided by Macy’s. The new machine features a Macy’s-branded machine wrap and custom menu chosen by the retailer.